India Morning Report: A year end show of robust support

India, of course is one of the least affected by global vacationa at this time of the year with Tesco and Ikea also actively scaling up their flagship retail and supply chain projects in the country after clarrity on regulations,. in the first of coming concessions to Ikea the single branad retail Top 10 entrant to india was allowed to run cafes intetrnationally accepted as part of theIkea Home shopping experience with the play pens for children and the large walk in closet kind of feel.

However, global trading is dull  in this week even in large movement currencies like the Yen as markets take almost the entire month as a holiday and disregard statistics or half baked agreements on the fiscal cliff given that the US seems to have come out on top. China is apparently buying again though as of now only consumption goods imports seem to have grown the basket of China trade and Aussie, Japan, Korea and India its major suppliers still wait for a boost up from such new orders

Expiry day leaves the Nifty therefore on a high divergence from the Nifty futures as the almost ceertain bull play discouraged bears and shorts out of the markets this week, making it a third very bullish expiry in the futures, supporting the markets likely trajectory in 2013 as correspondingly higher from here

Trades in Airtel and even HUL are next if the banks do not catch fire the rest of the week as post expiry markets may not ant to catch up with Nifty futures. Gold seems stable enough at 30,600 despite picks on it and I am still not so sure of trades in PSU banks but otherwise market trends are very clear and banks like ING Kotak and YES continue to be good stroies for 2013 alongwith the new NBFCs and the infracos like IDFC and even GMR Infra and JP Associates despite leverage hiccups as the ROI in the sector is a clear guaranteed positive.

We wish you a Happy New Year 2013 and may you find more reasons to come and read a bit with us. 




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