India Morning Report: The Fiscal cliff unbuild, bright eyed investees and a chirruping economy without auto sales

Exporting planning cards
Exporting planning cards (Photo credit: plantoo47)


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Post festive season Automobile sales are still not taking off though the monthly sales data for December is unavailable. Indian Auto Sales have stayed on a neww 220K cars per month plateau for well over three years and we do expect the new plateau to be 260k cars per month or even 300k per month by 2015 if not in 2013 itself that can last another 2-3 years. Meanwhile Motorcycle sales across the Top three is likely to reach 900000, 500000 and 500000 in the same period and Export markets are likely to add volumes

Global macro has improved just in time for a happy end to 2012 with good Economic grip and Corporate results also likely to report a fat crop after the dim prognostication of Q3. Europe is likely to move into positive territory into the second half of 2013 as Greece loses concerns about being left out and gets upgraded at S&P to B+

European markets in trade exports are likely to be replaced by new markets in Asia, Middle East and Latin America especially if longer term negotiations are completed instead of trial batches for the likely two wheeler and 4 wheeler exporters. Trade Exports are unlikely to rise above the current holding levels in India till Second half of 2013

Indian businesses continue to be driven into a bigger future and as was mentioned on the TV18 morning preopen as well, Healthcare is likely to be a mainstay for investors riding the indian currency.

The Fiscal cliff negotiations will hopefully be really completed before Christmas and those investing into the depreciation of the Dollar may like to spread it to only the weak yen through the Euro JPY trade in addition to USD JPY which remains headed to unthought of levels as Japan gets locked into a new export strategy and the Risk on trade in Equities keeps Dollar weakness a primary profitmaking failsafe for global investors going into the new year and Euro responds to its new hope, leaving the Indian Rupee safe from Crude manipulations




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