Bank Earnings India: HDFC Bank bumps up Net NPAs to 0.20% (Flash Q3 FY 2013 December 2012 India Earnings Surprise)

The sterling performance from the bank even as newswires flash the first digits however confirm the bank managed Gross NPAs under 1% and Net NPAs at just 0.20% 

Provisions have increased marginally to INR 3.07 bln from INR 2.93 bln and NII has jumped the 20% growth mark at 21.1% to INR 37.98 bln Fees Income including all charges are INR 18 bln Net Income has jumped almost 30% fulfiling its other base criteria as we see it posting a Net Income of INR 18.60 bln for the quarter. However the lack of float aside the bank remains a good investment at any level even otherwise. 

The Q2 Performance would be aa tough act to follow with credit sturating and IIP not picking up but detailed reports are awaited and then one can check whether this bank alone can help redefine India’s secular non food credt growth bu twill continue to groww over the all India average and likely we should look for it to double the NII component in less than four years from here. 




(Flash Q3 FY 2013 December 2012 India Earnings Surprise) 

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