India Morning Report: 6000 is broken, FIIs are not buying, 5950 will hold

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Oh no, FII investing in Asia scrips again


And this time India story is still alive and well. Firstly however, out apologies that there was no India Report yesterday and the day before and while Asia was hot, most commentators would be wont to assume that it was just the Yen running to 94 levels here and the markets having broken down in India, Apple having broken down in the US listing, and Einhorn having broken down just on the news of having lost a sure Cash hoard to the company after a new preferred issue was scotched forever by the management even as Einhorn’s holdings grow. But that just hopefully shows that Apple has enough managers to not lose it to cash hungry private investors like David Einhorn who are mostly coming out on heavy losses in 2010, 2011 or 2012 or more than two of these three years on deals from Greenlight and other PE investors like Sears’ famous Bruce Berkowitz, now safer in Financial scrips


Though banks have not found a stable foothold in 2013 globally, the profit measures outperformance in large diversified India is hard to miss. At current levels Banknifty is just about done preparing a good takeoff f for a sustain rally from 12400 to past 13500 levels into new skies. Leading them would be YES Bank and ICICI Bank, loners like SBI, Axis, HDFC Banka nd kotak on different legs and ably supported by independent almost movesof Indusind and ING, PNB and perhaps, one more PSU bank which has cross the tithe to move up.


BOB and AllBank are on watch as they report long lost NPAs and a fast deteriorating balance sheet seems to have been expected by the markets but despite estimates of quantum of such bad loans and disappeared market segments ( in the case of BOB, like Africa ) are treated as fresh carrion for short vultures deprived of a good meal in the ne levels despite DII pressured into selling faster and bigger at every leg of this rally. However, DIIs would soon be forced to buy as Domestic inflows make a comeback, probably earlier than the comeback in GDP if wholesale investors or Corporates have their way. Liquid funds being limited now in Bank treasuries and in the shadow banking system, the degrowth in Deposits as rates come down is likely to be cited as a  non fungible risk in ongoing trading reports and keep markets cautious as the bull run builds up from this level and skips the pre budget rally as lack of time forces markets out and short interest is just about exited at flat levels here below 595. Markets are flat again for another week or month even






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