INDIA MORNING REPORT: A Bid on the State Bank results, are Coal and Steel indeed back?

Tata Steel which pushed out another round of poor results struggling in its European pick up is ready to open new capacities for production in 2014 in Odisha and Steel may indeed pick up though not a fast ramp up with China struggling ( Open tomorrow after New Year festivities) and Domestic Auto production for one will also be out of the woods within this fiscal as low rates trickle down and consumption spending remains a norm for the younger demographic india enjoys.

New Auto capacities in Sanand and in Tamil Nadu (Ford) as well as continuing growth in Gurgaon and Manesar will lend strength to India’s consolidation auto saales while the increasing cars on the road strike another discord of insufficient highways by 2014 or 2015 and int he meantime the fiscal strength discussion between MSA and Chidu may well be more important for active wholesale Investors to watch and may careen or tank up FII flows as appropriate.

The ratings companies could have grown their franchise but have faltered in the politically opportune moments and are not likely to partner up with Indian banks and corporates in the given plop of bird produce that India begets in their global schema, leading one to wonder in cogent terms if they will indeed survive into the next decade as ratingcos.

But that is so inadroitly expressed even I just know it is a valid hypothesis for trendatchers that RatingCos are likely redundant and center of the ne fallout before 2020 in the Financial world as it tries to come out of the 2008 crisis and bad RoE math that strikes its every rich yielding FICC and Equity trading businesses and even conservative and High yield lending and issuance.

The Bank nifty will likely run up a good score without going 3-Cliff on expectations of better improving resuults if SBI delivers on expectations and does not do another Q4 washout of expectations as India’s largest bank, having presumably cleaned its augean stables and dealt with pension liabilities and in possession of a clean retail portfoliosince they strated building it up 6 quarters ago.

Even though PSU banks have been rerated 40% down in the Banknifty the current strength in banking from 12400 is contingent on State Bank being in the green and ready to take off from atleast 2080 levels and the results need to build up from the current 2250 levels to atleast 2400 to let the others with good and bad results of the wuarter convince the maarket of the Fiscal and FY14 performance potential especially at BOB , PNB and All Bank. Axis ICICI and HDFC Bank should have no problems maintaining current levels


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