RBI policy announcement May 2013: Repo rate cut to 7.25% CRR unchanged

Yields on the 2022 bonds moved down 5 bp to 7.77% in pre policy trading and kept the gains as RBI announced the expected cut of 25 basis points in the Repo rate despite macroeconomic concerns in a bid to sledgehammer the supply side weaknesses that have disabled policy transmission and kept illiquid markets near the marginal standing facility rates and the higher reverse repo rate which correspondingly moves down to 8.25%., The RBI emergency lending rates (MSF) are exactly 7.75%

The response follows a weak macroeconomic assessment yesterday and the hawkish tone though warranted has brought markets down to 5950 levels. markets correspondingly ill understand that “RBI has played true to form” *(ET lead on ET Now) and finally keep the faith in the economy after having been ebullient on the expectation of this rate cut. RB has cut the growth forecast on the GDP in this fiscal — FY 14 to 6% and inflation target is a 5.5% for this fiscal. The Macro review also highlighted that CAD is likely a risk till is funded by external capital flows (read new foreign debt)

The presser after the announcement focuses on the issues of liquidity and continued omo support from RBI


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