India Morning Report: Rajan appoints committees for everything, Rupee to discover under 66 levels at open?

The change in Monetary and Fiscal policy stance is fairly well obscured by the need for consensus but with Overseas Direct Investments retained at 400% of Net Worth and removal of hedging restrictions by allowing rebooking for both Exporters (50%) and Importers (25%) or Dollar Swaps at 100bp better rates with the Central Bank for FCNR deposits till November in existing schemes could just be a sign of old policy pieces being consigned to vestigial life, though such reform reaams have come and passed India Inc by for almost millenia, and at last 67 years f independent India. However, these limit relaxations typically let th Rupee sales accelerate into a new orbit usually and that is definitely unlikely

as predicated last week, S&P, Moody’s have been watching these developments only as a fallout of their prognostications of India’s twin deficit weakness and are much reiterating their last assessment when S&P had recommended a negative outlook based on a 1 in 3 chance of downgrade which USA had barely avoided. the Ratings firms are likely to be under pressure to change their ways and the step difference between Asia, Europe and probably from office to office of the agencies which reflects a woefully inaccurate picture in ratings , that are still catching up with munis and structured products n US and Europe and illiquid CDS in Europe and Asia

IMF Economic Counselor and Research Department...
IMF Economic Counselor and Research Department Director Raghuram Rajan briefs the press on the World Economic Outlook on April 13, 2005 at the International Monetary Fund Headquarters (IMF), Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Land and Food Bills have passed both houses seemingly without riposte and the Pension and Insurance Bills are next. However, back on Rajan’s first day, some other welcome proposals include allowing NBFC Prepaid cards for payments, starting national Gyro payment services (Nachiket Mor -Inclusion)and Rajan himself sitting on the committee to decide stringer  norms for NPAs and concerns on restructuring yielding more NPAs than normal accounts. Banks will be investing lesser in Gilts and SLR rates going down could be still a long drawn process while Branching being freed may be some incentive for Foreign banks also to execute subsidiaries. Most of these proposals will be overseen by various Deputy Directors an ex Governor Jalan will head the committee on  new licenses due soon after Jan 2014 when Anand Sinha leaves.

Markets otherwise keep responding to new signs from metals after a record comeback month in July/August and the banks will show their hands on the policy through their price movements the remaining two days of the week. Liquidity restrictions are still on and India is fighting the worst currency crisis of the last six generations

Indices again moved the entire range crossing 2% from 5340 to 5450 levels by the close and Wall Street enjoyed one of its best jumps overnight n Auto sales data. European PMI cements the days of crises as past though growth is yet patchy and China is the pod the global investors still look to, despite their repeated equity failures in the market


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