India Morning Report: A technical correction to make space in the move

Nevertheless, whether the lost steam of the rally is recovered or if markets correct this series a little more steeply long enough to stem selling by Domestic institutions and some investors, profit taking would have been good for your business last week in both the Rupee and Indian equities (NSE Nifty 50, BSE 30 Sensex/BSE 100 or the MCX SX40). There has apparently been a natural disaster in Hang Seng Exchange ahead of the China data release today (Flash PMI) and next and the exchange is closed because of the Typhoon for two hours before the afternoon session. China’s manufacturing jump has gone up from last months record 50.8 to above 51 this month, but it is unlikely that Copper will indeed respond too positively if you are trading commodities. If it is equities, yes markets outside India incl OECD markets are likely to jump at the news , especially the European session ahead of Nifty’s late afternoon sessions. Doing well in China – Mining an Real Estate s something may well be wrong and come out so before next month but definitely trade data will be up as well for August. That optimism may change the course of the Indian markets mid day itself


OECD Countries Blue
OECD Countries Blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


SGX Nifty however leads the Indian investors correctly for a change ( a Feather in the cap of CME and Nifty teams) and the markets will definitely dip below 6000 before deciding whether banks are strong enough or the rebound before the repo rate increase was justified. A Repo rate to 7.5% upset the rally completely? Surely we are better than that. Banks not being given that vote of confidence could indeed decde the quantum of the down move(two thirds of the reason), as also to the other one third of the reason would be any volatility in he Rupee correcting from 62 levels down instead of continuing the up move to 60 levels. A good sign is if banks get new OI encouraged by build up in Put volumes sold at now definitely amongst the lowest levels for the Banknifty, so the Edelweiss analyss recommendations on ET Now could be right on the money


Infy has responded well to the Rupee appreciation, avoiding a reaction still correcting to below 3000 levels, but the HCL trade continues to put the wrong risk takers in the lead as even consolidation of the company with HCL Info is only a face saving device for the hardware business and not value accretion expected in the merger


The troubles of Ranbaxy keep the scrip in the spotlight and fortunately it never put the Indian Pharma sector under the wrong spotlight despite their brazen actions and the continuing cascade of FDA actions plant by plant at other suppliers as well fueling the anti-India anti-Quality prejudice traditional in OECD investors


Urban India also probaby thinks NaMo’s commmunal licences can be similarily ignored as a quirk and the resultant fractured mandate is not just India’s biggest fallibility bu also sign of the inadequate proficiency of Political Sciences in a land otherwise profuse with globally renowned academics and probably the situation in these arts and sciences is more deficient than the lack of educators in IITs and IIMs


The Nifty however may not leave the range of 5950 to a new number on the upside, which is still likely and which may see FNO action by midweek



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