India Morning Report: A double trade in IT and the falling Gold prices but China is not good for the Dollars

Before we proceed however on the mechanics of an extremely juicy rally portender yesterday, I/we must recommend you dig in to Bharti, ITC and Bajaj Auto irrespective of your faith in the Network Analysts out there recommending fresh shorts. The thing to worry about is the weak prices in Gold right on the edge of festival season, as buyers tend t o stay away unless there is a heady cheer and while import limits CAD, Gold is still below 30,000 per 10 grams in trades around the country and on MCX.

The MCX resolution is also a matter for some grave restructuring and not an easy one as the promoter being the Technlogy provider and if they have been given permission to create the public exchange in such, the regulators must also bear it and not fall for a half baked compromise.

That said, the correction in IT stocks yesterday was a simple reminder that ESOP mechanics and Wealth Funds still hold sway on that sector as it is overweight in most global portfolios plus ESOP managers have a real safe exit if they can recommend take profits on post results euphoria. However, other insiders may also be involved in that they guess the “Q4 Winter” about to strike IT prospects may really simmer down market interest in the IT pack. However, as the rally proceeds this correction ahs also made possible for short term traders to dig into the sector as a fail safe trade probably before the first two weeks of November series are over.

Rupiah (Photo credit: Anis Eka)

Also, the banks are back as policy tones clearly show Repo rate pressures are off because Taper is moving out at least another year and that also means a stronger Rupee, Baht and Ringgit or even the Rupiah and Won that have shown up as pressure spots again in the Emerging Asia economies because of a uniquely intractable dependence on the US Dollar(“single currency” ).

Rupee however may skip the party even as inflows return because of the Crude prices ratcheting up the difference again and supply chain pressures will keep food inflation also high, rural consumption at a better tick thru festival season and it seems a dead Bollywood except Anil Kapoor’s above average attempt at bringing professional production to Colors ( as usual) KBC is working up the consumption dime too. Rupee will however seemingly head to 60 before the investor celebration begins with fresh inflows exceeding expectations into Election time

6100 is already back an the straddle at 6200 (sold call)  5700 (sold put) will have to move up again to 6500 levels but you should not switch till it is time

China GDP is still at a resilient 7.8% bottom and the credit squeeze, real estate asset bubble or a sad 2014 outlook mean the sun is not shining on private and llisted share portfolios in the biggest and only superpower enticing OECD funds and locking them in by the month, now at a 72 month positive inflow trend, and likely unbroken. Also China orders for Iran crude are up 60% that may still influence crude prices stabilizing.

Hindi on whimsy: Akasmat(Sudden, equally apt in both up and down moves); utavala na hona(to not look too eager)

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