Unique Saturday Commentary: Bye Mr. Singh, Infosys earnings expectations tepid, 6200 still too low

You must have caught it by now, India’s apolitical 30 will not allow UPA to come back but like they rejected Dear Laloo and were not taken by the global hype around him, they are also set to thumb down a NaMo NaMo regime chant. NaMo is unfit despite his administrative stagecraft or the admitted tolerance of the electorate to disregard his brand of political hooey, merely because his persona including the fractured mouthful of English outscores a certain young someone (.) Rahul/INC Apoliticals are a distant #2 for different reasons altogether

Delhi was a test case, but the apolitical politicals already present throughout the country definitely like what they did with the chance in the first thirty days since and probably more, sharpening the upcoming Lok Sabha election results with  the AAP experiment more stable and worth emulating (though none of the apoliticals’ chances have ever become real chances ) than he earlier Third and Fourth front and many who copped to a BJP or a Congress camp would eagerly afford a national umbrella to such candidates who espouse local manifestos close to the ground. But the apolitical Electorate, arguably more than 30% of the national scene has very strict parameters and AAP would be shot down in at least half the new territories unless it grows real roots locally andithe only exception allowed in individuals who can carry it.

Their supporters would include the young ‘BJP’ voters ready to ignore NaMo’s infractions(and get him an infarction), the young and not so young Congress voters who sided with a young junta with Rajiv and then Rahul Gandhi, the not so young communists who have realised they cannot win on a Communist ticket or mouth psephologist acidic verbiage on counting days alone and lastly includes the going away Prime Minister and Finance Minister Manmohan Singh and P C  and more especially women and young voters who just want India to have some class not class wars and more than a third of the vote belongs to such, underlining the only probable solution to the 180 line impasse, the  same electorate has assigned to the electoral process because it is no use banging your heads on a wall and probably because the tv series is not out on the internet yet (:D)

Digressions apart, from 6200 another bullish ship is likely to sail on Monday and so a  positive close on the week ening next Friday is also virtually done and done. Global capital handsomely worried about further taper is likely to yield a  big positive in Asia this morning (Saturday is busy) because of the Ben confirmation on a “Highly Accommodating Monetary Policy” and India’s 70% town and country folk would be busy  going into the weekend and on Monday

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