India Morning Report: Maha gets Power cut regime, will the apolitical vote amass for a functioning government?

I for one can understand a politician like Kejriwal responding to stonewalled government in a way so the Indians know the daily challenges he faces. However, I am a very recent convert , made by tea sellers, esp the ones headlined in Bangalore who saved a lot of lives in a road accident. Then you must understand the vote bank politics of the other religion as well however, and the partisan nature of supporters for apolitical ‘figureheads’ like a Shashi Tharoor. Thus, the market will probably understand now to stay out of the political potpourrie and concentrate on performance, putting paid to an early rally and Goldman Sachs sell side, probably scratching a head or two on their own.

However, the INR 92 B power cut giveaway from the Maha Cong( a new definition for the local polit in Pawar country)  may actually cut the collation of vote from around AAP (Affirmative action politics) and Independents in one fell swoop, a lesson for those disenchanted to get on with their lives more than that other activists presuppose esp in centers like Bangalore, where enough time sheets were safely filled for a full day’s work  when AAP congregated in large numbers. And yes, Delhi Police should belong to Delhi only. May the good lord wish Godspeed to all local politicians without food splurges as a journalistic reprise so the breed of politicians may grow. India’s young definitely need to make a crossover to social streams in serious droves and without compromising athletic and able quantitative careers. India meanwhile will continue in force with the roadmap already laid out and credit conditions having returned to betterhood. So, infracos will e back and I am staying away from the self leveraged promoters though. (Sun & spice, not just coincidentally, was speaking on ET now as I finished this report)

I hope you understand by being a cogent summary of issues, here above is pour moi a non adjunct part of the report and also discourages – flying eagles from supporters who like to do so without reading or visiting the site affirming old affiliations or otherwise and without writing back their opinion on the issues

Indices are holding 6300 in a wonderful response to the results season. ttk results yesterday showed a INR 900 mln drop in just induction cookware after a 6 month flurry of sales of the new technology. In the wake of subsidy additions to 12 cylinders a  year which was expected, the recovery from the slump is questionable but the base effect of the October to March rush will be sloughed off by the end of this fiscal

ET is stuttering a little esp in print in the second phase of its consolidation after the ET Now launch. Sasken’s jump escapes me I having access to only their financials and their getting a new CEO from the ‘neither here nor there industry’ Many technical issues with ET streams and their renowned ad bartering systems may be in play apart from TAM in rendering the weather there on prayer. Is anyone taking advertising companies public, or is the FDI uestion kicked a unique insight?

The PCR has normalised at 1.02 and more availability of F&O data now biting traders, esp with NSE not being the only layer? unlikely. I hope you use an Excel spreadsheet( download the ones with all strategies from the web) Banks seem to have dulled out though trading volumes have returned for three months now and ICICI Bank results are likely to be as  positive surprise as ever, crossing the 30% yearly growth threshold

TCS shorts would have been a very small party, but the scrip should have been likely to keep going down well below the 1200 levels. However the given stippling of the range , with a splat 6300 on offer instead of 6250, most retail traders should just keep out except for the MidCaps which have been on a mad rush and ar not sell on news. Kotak reports today, Biocon tomorrow before HDFC. The FII ceiling is stuck on at 74% in that parable of India Inc however. Federal Bank has received the stake increase approval , FII limit to 74%(udated 11am)

Emami’s restructuring seems to have worked out. One only hope the management can keep the momentum to carry out the strategy to the finish line, the comany increasing Operating Leverage stiffly to post a INR 1.5 B profit from the 1.1 B a year ago. Cement again remains a underperformer with the expected poor results this quarter. I am going to be catching up on Bharti infratel too on Thursday so that is definitely on the Good shortlist(Mine) again. Dabur’s case is more complicated, though FMCG is running much better and I am bullish on the sector. Parting shot surplus: sintex who? what? no.

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