India Morning Report(weekend edition) : A new week , new beginnings again (from Monday)

Markets will continue a tired spiral down to 7050-7150 without any shorts and if someone actually makes money on this leg it would be not rare or sprightly.

Domestic Pharma plays like Glenmark and Divis lead the way up with our list comprehensively surviving our lack of remuneration and lack of flow of information. RBI sales of the Rupee have effectively killed the again NDF spurred rally but future trades are likely to negotiate to 55 and Foreign bank desks continue to hold the currency despite a few adverse experiences at StanChart, Deutsche and one hopes HSBC is again not caught out of the move as it was its wont to do so in the nineties and oughts.

The falling out over the Banknifty is spurring picks on BOB and YES and ICICI Bank will live out the feigned disinterest outpacing any hopes for midwifed Axis Bank. Overvalued 55 levels of the Rupee are however inevitable and Export data is due in just over a week now

M&M topline continues to compensate for anemic EBITDA falling by a third again as the 10% degrowth of the auto industry is well down and out  of the coming tribe warriors arsenals influence (Bejan Kobadiwallha) and Auto sales are definitely better for Maruti setting the market up against a revival of Primary sales dump on the dealers or a anemic growth to at best 90,000 from 79,114 for April.

Markets are closed for? Nope not a listed holiday! Its a Saturday and I am due in courts to close out unfinished business in the Garden City, Garden IT city and exit Infiosys incoming BJP Spouth city wonder of India alive, juxtaposed and bored with unattended unfurnushed accomodaation dotting the fate of gloibal migrants..





Please suggest meanings for new words hereunder: druven, and be forewarned about continuing ghosta ttacks on here..

The Pharma stick and stock tripe lives with Major players Sun and DRL out of the rally play, Sun again ably misguiding would nbe investors and any worthy analysts of any possibilities for the company and succeeding in showing an opaque set of Batty speculators raising it with Maruti on the expected jump making the old pony hope for a dog show for the steed in Indiaphile hands. Most likely (90%) Sun and Maruti will lead the only possible cash shorts on the markets down to the 7050 levels as a Banknifty shakeout leaves new buys like BOB on the table for the pump up back to 7350. SBI seems to be waiting for the outcome as market volatiolities rule at near lows yet. YES and ICICI Bank lead the way back up in the Privste sector Kotak’s fate decide dby the play of new float as supply or not and again the vine is clinging to its stray tail in spreading public information in closer quarters than sustainable for able bodied economies, markets and countries.

However the pain above is much lesser in the Indian markets making disgusting impactations of an atrophied middle class and a worse off trader business (India unlimited) equally willed out of its future with AAP on its deathbed. Now lets get to work please.

As explained below in required uncharitable terms if anyone felt electronic ghosts were needed for the same(Kotak)

Maruti attempted bu randomcyclists puching out erudite analysis for bonus latrines in the army recruitment drive coming draftat 79,114 being the score for April a low bar for randowm walk theorists of analysters


(any organised attempts ;lol) of random consequence and heterogenous oxygen/food packets of varying bad research and irradiantly bad karma focus) – another electronic ghost inside

with the next batch of core growth  followed by inflation and inflation (another week later:WPI) data with detailed IIP timed to CPI release near the 10th-15th of the month – onlyu 2011 we cry better than this rodeo at unemployed high schools eating our skype


There this is still a persecution druven throught train as follows:The new market at any residual resting levels nearer 7050-7150 would be leaving buyers irrefutably priced out of the market for the whole year this rally would be exiting soon. However as of now lack of buyers RBI stepping in to save the Rupee has been restored to a 100% relative surprise and thus any rally on the rupee thru the NDF signals is unlikely to test the Rupee higher soon. However overvalued 55 levels should be sustainable for the Rupee.

I am unlikely to afford time for the required analysis so you’ll have to rush me to accept any awards for the same without disseminating any knowhow on it. (tired student aphorism, equating my experience to his gutter prospects) or if it is network broadcaster helping the web onions in shutting down  my enterprise this must be in his stars. May such thoughts on your part inspire you to bollywood twitter career scars for life.  Anyway, assuming Rupee does reach 55 levels and growth continues, it would have ended up exposing our rotten out competitiveness in exports and the new reform government isunlikely to have any handle on the same to any redeemable extent and the prospects for any 106 projects awaiting state approvals again requires too much of digging and thinking at this stage

The cash market seem to be drawing residual TV audiences /dreams as retail investors or erudite broadcasters are anyway tied up like mine and sell broker dealers are unlikely to transform themselves into trusted mules without any prospects for business improving. That basically leaves only legible prop hedge funds and other compadres of the invisible continent to continue screwing themselves over trying to screw around with the rule base of a 1.5 bln strong country and reverting to living and dead pennies and penny sized corporate businesses. That prognosis itself would likely make them se  any unlikely shorts striking thias market and That having been written this post is likely to see some modifications later for rabid tripe turnouts having been caught and jockstrapped outby bedwetting mothers.

Irascible psychosis running this world(ruining my world would be correct and a Morning TOI would remain important);

On TOI scoops, some regular workplace haemorrhaging would be: : 1. Salaries of 300,000 a year , they have gainful employment they were probably worse off and will be worse off if they leave. 2. Kerala cong powerplay goes the way of Kochi Elephant Thunder in 3.2.1.boom 3. FinMin PR is extraneous, Thanks for the idea haemorrhaging biddys, I definitely do not need your help again.


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