India Morning Report: Markets not ready for definitive moves yet.

26000 has come. Or rather the moves will be completed yet in the morning or afternoon session. With a lot of buying being hoped for, the market makers will likely let in the draft and allow more orders near yesterday afternoon levels and rush back at day end above the final closes for Independence Day as the short weekend implies a last trading day tomorrow.

HDFC and HDFC Bank continue to rush the bull trend and allow others in the NBFC/Banking pack to restart an uptrade later in 2014

7725 is also thus probably not the closing mark for the week and reaches to 7800 levels ( reaching in the Indian ficition identity sense, still calling them English writers) .

Orchid Chem real estate plans continue to entice satta and matka pack subscribers l;eaving Bharti and IDFC on SMS , i.e buy much free much retaining big value for a continuing investment mode for stockowners and newer investors for the remaining decade til the first 2020 mark of a Super power India vision unfolds our Demographic ( possibly ‘lead by then)

European equities could be ready for a big crash and will have pull down effects in larger Asia with more than the normal lack of correlation as European investors continue to know India inc better, esp with our largess at picking up over the hill sick megaliths in the continent in outward FDI

Reliance GIO seems to have got off to the true india promise of sub standard delivery , reach and marketing affairs and remains a beacon of a dead and rotten Bombay probably rushing more out towards Pune and New Vashi. BHEL completed the big stinker after a phenomenal reward by the satta and matka gang int he rush for Capex stocks on India bets

In other unlisted business, though GIO is now recognised as part of a listed company,  Pizza hut has indeed come a cropper in Tier 2 cities ( hoping to flip a FBK report the right time one of these days) after getting a couple of rounds for spoiling the run of Dominos in the 100% growth in QSR in 2009-2011 before India inc’s misfortunes matched with Rahuls brief tryst with public forums.

SBI will lookie look keep above 2420 levels but just barely. For reasons in the unlisted sector and oevrall demand, Jubilant and Speciality will get closer to announcing their closure ( from just public market behaviour) and join Sehwag, Gavaskara nd Tendulkar businesses for a free Health camp in Western UP

Nikunj,(ET Now), again gets cornered into a new push out, looking at glum predictions asking for recovery to come in second half of 2015 ( which is probably just October 2014 Diwali time, and not any expected delay in growth plans of India Inc.  giving a lot of alfalfa for network broadcasters as they get into corporate screens expansion and retail subscribers ( who do not use the mute option) stay at 2011 levels ET Now despite being part of a public Bennett and Coleman would be my ultimate candidate for the unlisted Economy, acting in true private equity fashion and getting a lot of PE sponsors looking for a penny investment in Indian demographic reach out.




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