India Morning Report: 8100 was a no brainer, curb your enthusiasm!

It seems,however, that with each passing day, the market is too happy that it is indeed waiting right and gets into a wild move because everyone is on the same side and a counterview may be needed making this smooth penultimate peaking rally of Indian bourses a little more choppy, probably a sharp down week from 8200 or an intermittent slow down slide over the next three days. The closing basis moves seem considerably stolid however. I t may also indeed be that the active trader community is busy counting each landmark and chewing nails in anticipation from being a t new levels but they would do well to run slower waiting for the real consumer and investing cycle to grow the GDP growth to realisable sustainable new levels in 2015

In case you did not appreciate the above, please write in your minority dissenting opinion before wildly chancing your new blood in the volatile markets USL in the meantime seems to have completed another cycle of foxy transactions following up Black and White’s clean transfer with another cleaned Diageo asset break.

CIPLA and CESC both seem great picks for all time and CESC /CIPLA also alternate being part of the cyclical boom which theoretically may count against their stolid stature as a defensive but is more in tune with the extensive market development component of the few everlasting brands and enterprises on the India consumer mindmap that are listed in significant growth markets and have considerable growth potential individually exceeding the market

Vishal Sikka continues his challenging assignment at Infosys , choosing to be in the public eye as a rebranding strategy for the corporate governance star of yore as cost concerns flood the outsourcing market for another year and more

GAIL is probably back with the Power NBFCs on buy and trade up lists. YES Bank and ICICI Bank finally seem to have hit a good patch though a spotless record thru 2011-2012-2013 ended up engaging them in a standoff with the bloodied and yet trying short traders as China remains a bigger flow attraction for global funds

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