India Morning Report: Its a slow yet positive day for markets

And it is in the blue sky zone of a lasting rally that has just begun from 7900, gaining confidence every day, institutional buying no longer a necessity but just arbitraging off the required liquidity while complex hedge strategies remain unrequited as Put floors make markets complete and investors board the Train to India after a long crisis induced hiatus, though portfolio flows and FDI were bigger than ever in 2010 too, the response much more encouraging now with a Modi government in place. 

IDFC and ICICI Bank finally seem to be getting into the groove again, no longer monopolising trades but better than any other staple pick by far (sic!: {Head and Shoulders,for all values of expertemporaneous burn scratch late comers}) The Sensex is almost looking stopped at the slow pace of the week and is actually at more value at 27000 levels as it needs to cover to 30k to break into the same foxtrot like the know all Nifty dominating investor mind sets

The auto ancilliary mid pick storm is likely to be another hail mary for the industry whose export counts or continuing slow Indian growth features scare the bezeezes out of knowing indian investors and will likely be a tad better than the real estate hocked pack in giving company to the select few that indeed merit continuing accumulation and investment. FMCG and Auto have climbed out of the trenches this time with Bajaj, Bharti and ITC giving greater strength and Pharma and Energy remain the best sectoral climbers in the Indian market till any infra momentum starts the hill off to a roaring start

Power NBFCs and bidding Infra monolith IDFC meanwhile steady midships and continue to greater strengths



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