India Morning Report! Not that it is going to matter..

For one, we won’t be writing much this week. For the other FIIs though no longer moving up the chain are definitely continuing doubling down on Put Floors which have definitely moved up over the last 2-3 days of the week closer to 8100. Autos and Banks are definitely great investments and so is Infracos and Power NBFCs financing the capital dream. JP Associates exit is key learning for all of us and markets will be brutal of companies with Infra Financing pedigree selling down operating businesses for a song just to get out of hock/debt

In the overall scheme, it looks like 8000 is no mirage and is here to stay and the week will have at least 2-3 up days..happoy hunting! Portfolio inflows are up to ` 60,000 crs every other month ( counting both)

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