India Morning Report: Markets unsteady , cyclicals looking to garner sentiment

Indices looked ready and raring to accommodate more buying and the immediate target would be banks and other cyclicals and not to putt too fine a point, that would not mean immediate rate cuts in FY15 neither before or after December so that remains a thorn in the market’s flesh as it looks eager to buy up great stocks like YES, ICICI Bank and IDFC and continue jettisoning small and midcaps that caused a big hole in investor pockets both Friday and Monday and will also continue in the same before the closing session tomorrow.

NBCC is doing well given the other players being too speculative or facing questions of corporate governance while many pharma companies, not just Lupin seem favored by a manufacturing and marketing agreement with Gilead Life sciences and one  other

Markets look to restart indices at 8100 from the pre open call auction which could just mean a biuggger fall in mid session as markets would remain slow this week and next after the blood bath on Tuesday

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