India Morning Report: Xi Jinping’s never before offer for India

Chinese President Xi JinPing offered a never before bouquet of investments to India as Modi wooed a not too reluctant Chinese polit buro in his home state, making a dream come true for his home state as the new Prime Minister of apparently a new India on another growth surge that can take it beyond 7% growth in GDP sooner than you can say choo choo High speed Trains

Markets hold on to yesterday’s gains and many don’t realise the import of the Scottish No vote which brings more investors back to the table than Yellen could at least as far as India is concerned with a religious yet nuche following among global investors , mostly those in Europe and not from the States which still looks locked in on China and Latin America for time to come.

Cipla and Lupin as expected, shine in the dull week which saw markets retrace to below 8000 levels and banks under a lot of scrutiny even as investors hoped to and continue to double down on their bank investments ahead of the return of project finance and investment based resurgence in GDP growth to follow

Hero’s new levels are also here to stay even as IT gets ina s a fill in the gap during the week and probably in anticipation one can go short in these scrips a week from now till results come out for the Top 4 if not till CTS reports later for its US listing

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