India Morning Report: The working holidays are nigh?

Markets are closed, and talk is afoot that no one wanted holidays in the student community in the USA and accordingly the MSG returned Modi is sweeping over the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations as the last national holiday for the man that made India possible. But then, this is unpublished geek


Markets stayed nose down, the MSG not making a ddifference to Maggi and the other indianised pop snacks demand for Indian Gen Xers after a tepid Navaratra fortnight. WE ofcourse remain true to Noodles and soya ( mushroom sauce) and a Special K diet with waters. and this is going to be a long break in the middle of a young academic campus teaching a 1000 odd MBA students about business with a 15 day holiday thrown in every navratra, christmas, and nanak day, Happy Deepavali if the schedule doesn’t catch up with us. We won’t let the bedbugs bite in the meantime

stub; needs rewrite, Prime HDS is live in Asian markets whicha re ofcourse busy inthe pouring rain in Hongkong



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