India Morning Report: All those who running with Auto now, we did warn you!

And of course we are going to miss this run if Hero and the M&M and other tractor makers really become that sustained bubble which saw a sudden interest in Excorts. The Oil trade is well and truly dead and so is apparently the Pharma export story,  giving in to some heady profit taking in Cipla, Lupin and I guess DRL getting a little bit in trading pairs showing a cycling thru of disinterested rally participants who’d rather get some real punch in the Economy before moving that big wheel. I guess these show if the Bank nifty would weaken in the new steed with 20 days still left and a festival shortened week not really part of any moves beyond 17200 on that index. I would stay with Yes, ICICI and IDFC and wait out the next ride to 8100 before getting on the traders’ strategies Glenmark and Cadilla remain buys with Cadilla reporting today.

Again what indeed would bring volatility back to these markets indeed.

Auto trade is a weak proxy for the falling Oil prices but not at these prices for 4 wheeler or two wheeler or the other stories with CV deamnd yet only negative and the first few plusesin the sector would barely cover the big tear in the wall.

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