India Morning Report: A sing song rise to 7400 is almost complete

The move up 65 points on Monday meant today the market could reach the high mark of 7400 with a 100 points rise in the Nifty. Given that the Banknifty rise on Monday left ICICI Bank behind and Axis Bank at 1808 can well rest without impeding this rise, the markets will probably reach the 7400 top mark well before the end of the week and the correction thence , completing the Modi at the crossroads rally with a corrective pitching in Thursday ir Friday allowing DIIs to confirm buying. ICICI Prudential recommended yesterday that the market be bought on dips and that is likely to be the recipe for the DIIs fresh from a profitable trade in IT that suffered a near 7-8% dip  yesterday’s trading in HCL Technologies and Infy. HCL Tech promoter Roshni Nadar is taking the family’s focus to Low cost Healthcare for India’s rural poor, the HCL foundation already active in the field of Higher education

IDFC saw a real uptick in interest since the announcement of the new government rising to 133 and ready to breakout to higher levels within this rally period along with infra majors like JP Associates and Relinfra as things crystallise around the budget exercise. The rise in Maruti is probably good fodder for the shorts to latch on to if the correction does ensue this week even L&T as other Gujarat stocks leave it behind. However, more importantly first the markets are likely to define good upward moves back in the defensives and Pharma companies as well, as Energy companies, Gujarat midcaps and the banks totally eclipsed their big losses yesterday, market operators doing their own quick version of the market re-rating badgering down stocks like ITC to 335 levels and HUL also suffering one thought without reason as the coming of controls on inflation and consumer spending/wages are not an automatic autopilot for the BJP government.

Glenmark Pharma should probably concentrate on growth in domestic market after some setbacks from the FDA and a still resilient positive start of secular growth in the US markets Energy stocks understandably take a breather and with volatility down 20% in the defining trade on Friday and continuing on Monday , one should see intra day ranges return to normal 1% bands than the 4-5% ranges seen last week and Monday. Power company results on Monday will likely be swamped soon about concerns over tariff realisations as the new government digs in its heels. Infra bottlenecks are also unlikely to disappear in the next 6 months as Financing has become tougher and local and state issues are likely to swamp any government quick fixes to kick off the sector in desire for good governance grades in 2014-15

The continuing focus on PSUs and PSU Banks over the big weekend has seen the sector catch up with gains in bank funds and even energy funds that benefitted from the late rally in April and May and the market is indeed looking frothy ont he indiscriminate PSU count though the good news is likely to keep the markets in gain till the month of May is indeed over.  Today’s rise in Mid cap indices is probably a portend of an index correction soon after the rise to 7400

DIIs will probably wait for a further 5% fall in IT stocks before buying back assuming an earnings score rated to the Rupee near 55 than the current estimates around 60.

Similarly, the capping of Private Bank prices in todays open predates a big short on the likes of SBI and PNB to come soon unless there is specific news to back the expectation of a big backing for State enterprises from the new lean government likely prescribed by Narendra Bhai Modi for saving Indias democracy, surely on its last legs at a current GDP growth score of 4%

The big question: Will India’s coming budget make real dreams like the first Bullet Train for India?




India Morning Report: Markets jump to 7400 on Counting day as Asia tanks

Global markets tanked probably because of the strong showing by Japan in Quarterly GDP as Japanese bonds strengthened and the strengthening currency started a cascade conveniently allowing US markets to reatct negatively to good news in Asia ( highly reductive and downbeat prognosis)

However, markets will equally take to Indian news positively when Europe and US open later as India starts the call auction markets with the expected 100 point jump to the open. Apparently nearly 10- stocks can already be expected to reach 10% , 15% and 20% circuit breaker limits in the morning.

NDA’s strong showing in the polls means the political stability mandate can well start a lasting bull market for the next 10 years in this part of the world. The Euro’s woes add on to chances of a global rally from this point as Corporates outperform the French GDP and take due credit for the survival of the Western paradigm.

Banks and Power NBFCs will likely lead the growth with Reliance and SBI joining ICICI Bank, Yes Bank and others in the rumination on results all day and most attention will remain focussed on leads and what outgoing and incoming members of the lower house have to say on the new government and the mandate from the people.

The Nifty will definitely see a 7350 mark during the day as F&O ranges have moved to 8000 on the higher end and salutory OTM hedges have also reached 6000 on the lower end, the 6000 puts getting expensive at above 50 in anticipation of additional hedges required by new longer term inflows into the markets.

Arun Jaitley as Finance Minister is likely to be a positive for the markets for now and the man is likely to keep his mouth shut for the period of government formation so ther markets have definitely set 7100 as base for the rally. ICICI Bank is the easiest pick after Bajaj Auto results for Q4 were indeed tepid and cyclicals for us now restricted further to the earlier mentioned Bharti and ITC.

PSUs and L&T will be the fodder pick for fattening the markets and will not face any resistance in up moves ( HT Ashwini G. / ET Now)

The currency has moved below 59 after a long time and may see stronger trades though Fixed Income markets will likely not trade heavily this entire period of government formation for at least a week to ten days as institutional investors do not require daily trades and retail investors are unlikely to come in without deeper markets being available.

CDS spreads if traded should hope to touch record lows nearer 110 basis points on the turnaround taking hold.

Oil prices may offer a risk trade that will toughen up the ask for the incoming government and rating agencies / fund managers are unlikely to change opinions in a hurry.

India Morning Report: 6859..6900..7000..Markets celebrate the Democratic ritual

F&O bets have moved on to sold 6900 Puts along with a bigger stable midpoint at the 6800 puts, with calls making the market top range at 7500 no longer looking really out of the money as they were probably intended without any euphoria in sight yet, making it possible the rally will , cautiously from here, last the four days till counting, when internecine bets made by punters translate into hostile volatility on Saturday if there is a special session indeed.

Some such confused plays not backed by fundamentals, now exclude PSE banks as the better ones like PNB are clear to watch for and back along with Canara Bank, but include plays on Maruti which posted its lowest monthly sales in April, much below even subdued analyst expectations. IN PSU Banks Central Bank and United Bank  definitely remain the worst of the worst and thus rerating of the index components will continue in favor of Private sector banks led by Yes Bank which may be near a laybye soon at 460 levels or below 500 before the next surge as big caps HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank (lower but improving spreads) come out after some long months of rumination on their price charts range bound till now at 700 and 1300 respectively. Axis Bank and BOB cannot be ignored and the weakness of the bull candle will be underlined by excessive moves in such good but unproven stocks with their results far behind other banks.

Results from Torrent on Cymbalta Sales and a better guidance just about stayed abreast with competitive results from Glenmark, still paying dearly for a local acquisition gone wrong. PSE banks cemented the feeling of punters holding back, that the worst is over as they focussed on Modi coming in and making a new stable government. The Rupee will likely repeat its Friday moves below 60 except that the CPI and IIP data due today are largely expected to be above 8% and negative growth in poroduction respectively esp after IIP’s earlier year series was revised upward by 7-8%. Yields are likely to continue tracking down from 8.75% already down perceptibly without any recovery showing in the macro data series except the usual jump in utilities (electricity) and the dulling of food and fuel inflation

This move however cannot be confused as a rally as most market volumes stabilised in late April itself and there is no reason for investors and traders to add or book early profits before the counting gets underway. The chances of a profit booking, I would reassert have not increased in this move, helped by the fact that it happened on a weekend close, allowing operators who have dug in their heels to last the week with the bull trade.

The Sensex is ready to move up from newly gained 23000 levels while Shanghai in the meantime is at barelly 2018 levels after morning trades even as Japan’s subdued trade data is more supportive of Japanese moves to get into a domestic market growth phase led by the depreciation of the currency with long term yields at 0.6%

Power NBFCs led by REC are seeing good accumulation of interest, likely to show up as a big bull move if the rally sustains after the anouncement of results, wence Infra stocks like IDFC should also be back with a bang and the fundamental dozen we identified earlier will take over from speculative heavies fueling this comeback push that will underline the new baseline for Indian markets

USL and Sun Pharma continue to trade deal news and more may be around the corner as USL celebrates an Empreador deal for the not so successful Whyte & Mackay acquisition. Bharti and ITC are at tempting levels. The call auction (preopen) markets have opened with the Rupee under 60 despite the impending Economic data as the move is apparently finally ready to disregard opaque clues as most CPI and IIP pronouncements have turned out in the last 5 years.

India however is finally in the eyes of global media again and this promise to NDA to rule for ten years (likely) is going to be a good period for India to finally catch up with the Infra and the business growth that has made it look puny to China which digs in its heels to get into a domestic consumption mode and rural growth , parameters on which we are qualitatively ahead of the big brother ( though we will never catch up in real or PPP terms to China per se)

6859..6900..7000..Markets celebrate the Democratic ritual (the hidden trader’s mind)

What ensues today is a Modern day India ritual, involving corrupt politicians and a lot of cash exchanging hands, to be sure. However, the Morning report celebrates the stock markets, that have indeed achieved good strength in the final rushes as the Public Sector Banks join the big thrust on Monday. Even Andhra Bank was not so bad as last quarter and comes with a promise of a good new quarter till June.

In front of everything, however close, is the fact that banks will lead this rally continuing froma record breaking friday which would put most analysts on caution for a coming fall, equally steep, but the fear is a bit mislaid this time as the roller coaster climbs up the sharp wall of stifled expectations , with the markets, for whatever political reason, laying in wait since 2004 for the time to breakout on continued new baselining of earnings by more than double digits year on year, disregarding a long period of slow growth

Banks will improve further building on the big gains on Friday led by PNB and ICICI Bank.  Also, the networks , to be fair to them, seem to have the handle on the market today – SS got it exactly on tv18 as more than one analyst nodded to banks across networks and lets face it even traders and fundamental investors were horrendously shocked when the index spike happened on Friday afternoon. However, the markets are not wating for a 300 tally for Modi nor will they wait for that mark next week to resume a rally as long as the government formation process is quick and painless. Banknifty will likely move to 14300 levels early before a small sanity check comes in. One does not expect this market to break thru lower than 6700 levels unless NDA performs poorly in the 200-220 seat range

India Morning Report: Love in the times of cholera for Airtel, India

Airtel rode the Data market jump as revenues for data doubled as for Idea in mobile data (94% and 110% respectively) allowing Bharti Airtel to showcase once again that ist is the best business and the best business group to run for India and in India. Of course, firming up of prices is a mixed blessing for consumers but the explosion of the data pie esp in mobile data augurs well for companies in this otherwise mature market just waiting for a whiff of good natured mojo for the overall economy to blast off.

Modi’s government is not yet in through the door, his ominous cries for Dil maange more in dissonance with the campaign for mostly informed voters going to the polls in phases 7 and with exactly 16 days to go. However, it is unlikely that the polls will herald any other government in India than a full fledged Modi government that will last 60 months and most of the reforms will not be rolled back abruptly or at least most investors do believe that and look for reassurances for the same.

Markets finally break a 2 day losing streak and return to green making Nifty 6800 an iron clad resistance and support thereafter for the India markets re-rating currently. Merck reports in India tonight and the results will underline why Indian traders should not go for stocks like Alstom and Astrazeneca on global headlines that do not impact the listed business, so often mistaken as pull for the global corps in question. ING Vysya’s results reported yesterday again showed some weakness and have to be inspected for renewed commitment required from their parent in Netherlandas spreads /jaws contract for the Indian sub and the Income growth does show a better traction in new loans

Ashwini and other network commentators have again been baited/baiting shorts after markets almost flattened out at 6720 , some of the confusion spreading over from a long earnings and election season but the selection of midcaps again shows the limited interest in the markets on the long side except for returning to 6800, staying positive on good earnings ( there are no real bad earnings reports coming, bu t that is not being factored early by the markets) and standing waters are unlikely to make enough trading capital queasy to force a down tick in the markets making 6650 probably a safe bottom and sold puts will continue at 6700 levels from Traders and investors alike waiting out the final tally.

I am busy packing my bags in Bangalore and tying up loose ends as I get ready to join campus for a Ph D at Lucknow / Trichy ( thanks for being around)

Infrastructure spend and IPL like sports franchises remain Indias most potent steps as they await an empowered government

India Morning Report: Will 6800 mark a heartbreak for the rally?

The markets are evenly poised again after a quick Monday morning move to 6800. Indices like the Banknifty however went thru a minor break in the week past and recovered only on Friday to 12850. SBI for example is the key to many hidden not so good fundamentals stories the markets wanted to slide past older marks in a no holds barred rally and will likely continue to cede marks even as Bajaj Auto remains positive during earnings month and joins bets like Bharti Airtel and LIC Housing ( upgraded on date by Nomura) to keep the positive momentum of the markets even a san extended wait to counting day keeps investors on edge. China is back in the Investors rangefinders as they look to snipe gains backed by the new stimulus engaged by China. India remains second to Taiwan in FII inflow charts and investors are already on hold with hot money purveyors and lower quality FII relationships proving key as Participatory notes become the order of the day again.

Power NBFCs look like having crossed major hurdles on price charts with REC ahead at 250 and LIC Housing seems to be looking a t good earnings again. The Good earnings stories will slowly crowd out the market favorites again this week and markets will likely use the time to exit bad stories like SBI that are unlikely to make a comeback or IT and Pharma as they top out with the Rupee stabilizing at 60 levels again, without threat. It is good to see the Domestic Institution turn buyers before the FIIs leave and it is also good to see a burst in market volatility that seems to have favored positive moves in the market overall in the last two weeks in what would be a unique advantage for India markets

Reliance seems to have been at the wrong end of the new deal again as Investors hope for a back braking laden quarter from the old bellwether as investors remain hocked and look to make up for interest payouts from the stock move, leaving it actually stranded at 860 levels(result day, 960 on Friday) as it reported moves in its INR 330 Bln Telecom and the INR 150 Bln retail investments. ITC on the other hand could join YES Bank and IDFC again in moving up positively throughout the week even as HDFC’s Foreign status hits HDFC Bank’s move to increase FII Limits and IDFC goes about setting up the NOHFC/New Bank structure and pares FII holding to 49% at 120 levels on the stock.

HDFC Bank is up for rerating of its weight in the MSCI index from 5.78% in May by two thirds based on the Free float calculation for the FIF factor. HDFC remains FII owned to 73%

The Global deals seem to be more than clouding the markets again even as the Diageo offer for INR 120 Bln for United Spirits makes the USL investors good with a 10% rise on open. A similar move in AstraZeneca in the call auction looked a trifle premature unless markets know of any more firm moves by the global parent for the Indian listing. Pfizer bid a $102 Bln for AstraZeneca and that would be a wrong story to back in the markets given the tangential impact on Emerging market and India plans from the deal. A good market practice would be to be a little more circumspect about blue sky deals and announcements in the global markets, like the Hero move to invest in Latam which is likely to be cash negative for time to come and the way we have subjected Bharti Airtel to strict checks and balances thru its buys in Africa four years ago.

Tata Global looks unlikely to score again as it flirts with old 155 levels barely out of the zone at 158 and SBI seems to have recovered investor faith till news of a bad result push them away for a brief time at 2050 levels

India’s Forex Billions (Reserves) hit a new $309 Bln high on Friday.

India Morning Report: Markets jiggy jiggy with the promise of a new government

Investors are in sync with the BJP pandering interests looking at the ‘younger’ Modi lef new government for lasting game for India Inc. The Pharma index is down and banks have yet added a measly 300 points on the Bank nifty led by ICICIBANK, HDFCBANK and AXISBANK but mostly the nbfc / Financials as muthoot and manappuram lead with Bajaj, IDFC and LIC Housing Finance for the less than half dozen licenses to be issued. F&O bets will likely reward unidirectional risks with sold puts continuing to lock the market sentiment after a week
of rest at 6500.

Today’s morning session would have seen the most spectacular volumes at the best premiums before the 6500 strike wound out to lower risks and continues to interest incoming bulls.

India Morning Report: Did investors buy into the Rupee last week, and the Suntory deal

Friday’s  closing rushes on the Rupee trade could be just another chimera as the China miasma refuses to scare foreing investors from China and other shallow EMs renamed MINTs. China also reported an improved Services PMI implying the trade situation could improve for it and its partners including Aussie, USA and India. However, things overall continue to look bleak for global growth as dependent on legs of growth in China and Europe.

Europe has been importing more, however, esp as Germany probably focusees on its own consumption for a small break after a Target imposed halcyon end to 2013. Rates are likely unchanged in Central Bank announcements and Global liquidity reprieve trades, may be ephemeral at best as Yellen returns to post snow recovery prognostications to hopefully continue along the same taper gradient $10 Bln in each policy date.

However, not to be confused by the Global Economy’s internecine interactive brusqueness, the India trade remains a leader for the Global benign trend continuing in Equities and HY debt this year and is likely to turn in better performances on the bourses than any other.

The 4.7% GDP score was not so bad except that it included at its best form, not more than 6% contribution from Services. As expected, Agriculture did not continue an extended rebound from Q2 and thus contributed to an overall disappointment for policy watchers with Governor RGR still on the edge of another couple of rate hikes and CPI close to plateauing out at a high 8% itself

Radico Khaitan is one of the bigger winners as the Equity trade in India opens to new bull scenarios, we choosing to watch after every 100 points as traders fill up the gaps and bears might give up most of their extraordinary gains in the following 6 monthsas they take each plateau of waiting for more investors as an inordinate sign of weakness or overconfidence having nbrought the hcicken count home to roost

Volatility remains at an extended low and the PCR below 1, implies one should batten down the hatches as most price levels on your choice investments would carry very little risk on sold puts . SBI and Maruti also proffer extraordinary choice to traders that need financing and are not selling puts ans positional shorts in both continue to dig for lost Mayan Gold, making it at least a year or 1200 levels before they exit with profittaking trades.

JP Associates may be out of the index but is a great plus trade ( opnly post redenomination of the Nifty) while Adani Enterpricses catches supplementary caucus support from the Adani Port bull trade. GAIL may still not make it to mainstrem positional trades or transition into a defensive but we reccommend buying the stock with IDFC and YES, while ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank individually will carry the Banknifty, PSU shorts making the Index tradea patchy non performing long

Foreign buyers saw $2.2 Bln in gross trading on the NSE itself on Friday. The return of bank investors and trading rooms including StanChart and HSBC to the bull trade on the Rupee, counld confirm secular up trades in Asia even as China gets ready for a currency depreciation battle. However, first order of business would be to observe if equities can keep up with the smaller selling that remains part of the trade in the first half of the week as markets start the series at fresh new highs of 6277.

The Sun Pharma and Hindalco trades should catch fire by the middle of the week in that scenario as mainline picks remain good for the goo but new buyers may not get them at better levels . Bharti , ITC and Bajaj Auto continue to hold strength in the consumer investments story and Services PMI returnign tot he green likely for 2014 means aviation, trade and tourism could critically support the good guys from here. The LIC and ONGC/OIL buys for BHEL and IOC are confirmed but sectoral trades aer non existent on either side. Pharma’s big week returning to substitute IT is the one certainty and not an immediate bulltrade so more consolidation is likely this wek esp if the Pharma trade does not kick in. The inevitable short trade on Hero as it yields ground to a bad February sales data will only land blows till 1850 levels as the news f the recovery should kick in the sector after new excise reduction and recovery in buying from March

India Morning Report: Markets will be hanging on to 6150

India now holds the key to Equity success in 2014 as Global Equities return to select Emerging markets. Within Emerging Markets, specific stock selection remains key as Mexico joins the global pain story in a low 0.7% reported Q4 GDP ( on year) even as Singapore returns to secular growth after a cramped couple of quarters to a 6.1% QoQ growth.

At this muddling top of 6150 in the markets, most bears eagerly await the early downfall that has been scoring the most points even after emerging market flows turned positive on 6 weeks of battering by outflows. However, negative news has all but gone, the last home sales reports of snow driven year on year contraction.

Bharti is likely trying for 275-280 levels now having scored out on 290 levels and State Bank will remain the most likely start if markets indeed plunge, the short in State Bank juicy even as a positional trade at 1500, more than 220 in profits available to the fag end, as other members in the Banknifty continue to stretch themselves to carry the weight.

Adani Power and Adani ports both seem to be investment driven trades and all the infra stocks would agree to Adani’s leadership on this trend score as others remain leverage beaten in the case of JP, GMR and RelInfra or promoter margin beaten in the case of other midcaps. For whatever reason, Adani’s free float is not under threat and the trade remains good and is a great move to lighten the righteous pressure gaining steam on the aforesaid.

ITC, Bharti and the Private Banks ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and YES rremains trades on the upside while Kotak and Axis probably remain shorts when the markets start back from 6000 or if after the Call Auction (Pre Open) they remain above 6080-6100-6150 levels.

The Maruti focus seems to be on removing the potential for shorts in the market, showing not many are indulging the bull side either on the H2 win also struggling with falling share in the mostly unlisted Auto – 4 wheelers market

The Rupee however precludes any move long of short as the G20 seemed to fizzle out in distant Australia, Aussies straddling the unfortunate situation of being neither a real G20 force nor EM of DM categories with China continuing a slow plod. The Yen Steamer announced last week is likely to kick into currencies this week as trades look to taking the Yen back from 102 – 108 levels the Euro and Pound standing on near new highs. Corporates have still not started the rush for ECB borrowing, the good ones also holding cash to start off investments, and yields ion the Indian Ten year remain at 8.8% on the 2022 bond and 9% on the 2021 bond.

Bajaj Auto will be leading the bulls with ITC and Cipla retaining both defensives and new longs. One can also see the coming rerating of IT stocks as IT forecasts get rationalised and corrected for over optimism at the turn of the year. I am also keeping longs in Power NBFCs without Powergrid and PNB. Infy and Wipro have now comprehensively been voted out of the Top two in IT as Cognisant resumes representing the entire sector for Global , US centric investors and Outsourcing itself falls down the rungs of the Alltime Top 100 ideas in its second rejuvenation.

Markets have started on another cycle of bash arounds on quickrumors even as Indian markets hit rock bottom at 13-14 levels on volatility, lending the shorting wins nary impossible from here. Markets seem to be again , ilike the NaMo episode, seem to be prescribing and proscribing specific measures to deleverage , options that are likely not even on the table for the listed Bharti, RCom  and Idea as the unlisted premium Vodafone and the newbie Jio create ripples. Aircel deal might be a newsmaker there sooner than one expected.

I am impressed by Aptart’s F&O recommendations that expiry will be around 6150 levels, couting to me and at least some others as a brave call and naked put sales are safer than straddling or strangling anything for this week esp given local market premiums. Of course sold puts have to be near 6050 levels and thats hardly any good profits either but you can skew that position with a larger than normal exposure. to fund your value equity purchases now.

India Morning Report: Vote on Account does not offer anything by definition

Not to be dismissive of other efforts to research quantised discernible notes in the market, we have beaten others hands down with the preciseness of each sentence seemingly in a complicated human language. And we are not artificial intelligence, just something more  populations can understand. However, that is all a predilection of becoming  part of a deluge unless we can remember the basics. Like 6100 yesterday, 6050 today and stuck at 6250 again. Or for the currency it is an even simpler, 62.50 and broken till 63.00 now returning to break 62 on the upside, waiting to break till 61 to start a trading move in that dead market Foreign investors pass by with just a tenth of the allocation to the China which would be enough impetus for investment I guess.  That is adding the currency noted going out of circulation bringing in additional thicker statistics streams of returning investments instead of churned velocity without disposition, which remains the only unexplained flow for many developed and EMs. Meanwhile India posted a latest velocity of another 12.5% and growth of 4.9% kept WPI ticking under at 5.5% , inflation at 8.8% (and still high to merit 8% rates for the RBI policy (India’s Central Bank)

Now to get thru the market open again, HCL Tech is done, L&T is not coming back so soon, having clarified there si no better financials in the old heavy pipeline they keep carrying in New Orders. However, the note of caution from Kotak does not translate into a correction in the markets, as it is a known flaw, using subsidy deferral on the way to an improved performance and as we have always maintained to PC’s weaker arm, its not anything to forget to talk of.

Banknifty is at 10,250 but their seems to be a dearth of substitution for older SBI folios, because SBI has to go down to 1250 levels ( broader guess) bottoming out near 1280 ( our estimate – not to be confused with the statistical mark of MLE). HDFC Bank is up and out of 640 levels but no 645 it is..Pharma should not have been a defensive trade, esp as Bharti and ITC remain powered on apart from the IT scrips which can keep current levels once HCLT returns to 1400 levels. I have faith in ICICI Bank surprising in the post speech trade if India’s Financials are surmised as feasible, though it is just necessary expenditure for the six month period going forward and the Macro economic review has already been celebrated. A smaller gross borrowing figure for instance , may not be possible as that may be the only accommodating flag for the noise of governance to come. Also it would be a shame in my mostly moderate opinion otherwise, ( cooked to become the mainstream o-pin-onion like other examples of better business leaders than the half cooked Modis and Rahuls of today) if PSU banks join in the rally just for their survival has been noted by additional Capital for FY15 in this month again confirmed in any allocations. YES Bank and IDFC remain mainline (first leads) not for this bull segment but for the secular bull cycle that remains.

Nifty i s actually having a hard time at 6080 and will not drift down but 6100 is the new bear dominance levels, mostly because the media presence as Citi explains ( in that elusive to understand bid for retail investors here) requires reusing old hat ( from this trend) and the market tone is still as 6250 the normal would have been but that is a likely illusion in the distance, with markets using the distance again and again to tone down , letting shorts bound them up and show the futility of expectiung an overnight renaissance in the Indian Fixed income Markets. StanChart in the meantime has sell side macro posting the VoA precursor on ET Now since AM, looking at Government freeze to show the numbers.

I’ll leave that unedited para  in, just because I have things to do before I come back to edit it. It is just a Morning report. I may not be writing in the vote on Account speech or the dictum,

The markets may not break down, mercifully, for lack of reason to celebrate, a not new feature of beating down equities at their own, esp cognisant to those who bank promoters accounts and promoters’ who play their equity to death in a monetary degrowth, which now runs an extended life with a defined taper even with a reduced nozzle draining out the dumped in steroids, in the recognizance that US was critical and that most of excess liquidity remains excess. I wonder if one coming from my free markets background can make enough morbid adjustments, but one knows one must to explain how taking care of the trifecta is not done by just that phase of liquidity and now by the withdrawal of the same. One does note also the 16 mln unemployed uncounted in US estimates when declaring a successful 6.5% unemployment statistic from the same.

I like Crompton Greaves for the capex trade, old Mid Cap plays will be sideline for the 2010 IPO brigade in most cases. The fisc will score the most points when it reports a positive surprise. The FM should not aim for FY 2015 without thinking up options and should look to a fat target as we have probably over reached in the current fiscal itself. I would even let him off at a 4.5% target and that will not get BJP any further advantage.

Post Vote On Account satisfaction, Congress is going to be a quick disappearing loser in the elections, BJP winning it however would be disturbing not to India’s soul, cause there was not any in the conventional modern world definition of it, but it is can only be a rude awakening to India in a few years, however growth will churn in any government, because of the strong basis on which we stand up and shout for more, and the bureaucracy , the technocrats ( non outsourcing) and Private investors / Business will remain the agents of  this growth. Bank lending will never be a constraint and there is no wishing away corruption. One can even learn the vast cycles of it in local, regional and International Sales processes, and is not a equivocal nodding to suffering , nor a socialistic bite of suffrage that will make it the topic at the corporate dinner buffet.

explains: in the middle above is used as colloq/sms for explanations

India Morning Report: Expiry, Policy jump, Vettel at Airtel and a difference between Ukraine, Turkey and India

sinbadThe overnight return of the Emerging Markets this morning in ASia was none helped along by continuing waiting for news on the Taper Wednesday but India’s own policy will be stable, stoic and yet enough to motivate the markets ith the Banknifty at 10,500 laying the grounds for a bull trap that might finally work after ages.

Bears got the markets at 6200 again, the fall below 6170 precipitated mostly by Rollover computations in jeopardy. Maruti’s lookahead to today’s earnings may have helped but we think that performance remains sub par and there is more yen volatility on the horizon, trades continuing from 100 or stronger levels on the Yen back to the original 110 target for the year. The GDP forecast in today’s published review has barely any chance to score to 4% in April let alone any number RBI may still hope for in the policy. Banks should continue expanding NIMs despite the HFS effect loaded in Q4/H2 with easy liquidity and yields stuck in almost non-existent liquidity cuts which continue to be required for the same reason.

Indian Exports have inched close to the $325 Bln target and definitely do not need additional level punched in by hot money or market sponsoring of IT non-performance as the new India peak. The markets will thus expire at higher levels after running to close to 6300 again if not higher, the momentum on the positive side jumped by crossing over 6200 and 6250 levels. Volatility barely hit 19 yesterday and ‘proprietary’  longs in the eternal ghouls of  shucked out old fabric like DLF, JP Power, HDIL and Ranbaxy and Apollo Tyre showed up with more than 10% cuts in OI in each easy pickings for daily bears when a brief surge in panic put paid to a lot of outstanding long trades on Monday

Idea’s ARPU score improved to 169 again ( been a little volatile since 2009 including the last 5 recovering quarters) and es I do believe the full margined Indiabulls is close to being the scum that plays the hurt wheat in a festival of crushing chaff just in 6 hours and some few of trading.

Thankfully, including HSBC there are still a few advisors and boutique investors left out there that already under stand a difference between India and the Turkeys, Ukraines and even the Rand trades of South Africa.  Mexico’s recovery again is being clubbed with a fully private island (economically) of Thailand and that probably means the depth there is much weaker as most EM investors stay fully stunk in China, Russia and even Brazil. A glaring difference in most is the ease with which investors engender volatility in the Economy, Japan and India resilient to the charm

Tata Motors’ tailspin could continue as there are barely any reasons including Ralf X’s designer JLR bets for buying and investing in the stock. Tata Steel seems to have run out again waiting for the jump back in metals for further gains in Steel, which could steel ( silly, naive me) if construction in infrastructure picks up or being confused with a residential construction and auto slump  that is also extending the slump in Cement and other manufaturing bets, closer to a deflation in the core than one might think ( seriously just preppy talk)

Glenmark is up 10% from its recent all-time lows at 500 and GAIL shows a lot of promise. Today’s trades have finally rewarded IDFC and not beat it down with the Jhabla trades in chicanery beat down in a half day yesterday morning in Unitech and DLF

I respect both above for example but only when thy are near creating performance  and they definitely are not quasi- bets in private infrastructure holding on to an inelastic line created by their pricing power and always illiquid markets despite a surfeit of available built up real estate. Aswini as usual back in the morning with a straight face after recomending bear trades n BTST at closing yesterday but 6135 was certainly out of whack yesterday itself and markets did refuse to move north at closing despite every reason.

Gopal Vittal gets anointed as CEO and MD at Bharti Airtel and Formula 1 season is not so far away. Students and Analysts at work should not follow the woefully fashy and flashy titling on the report.

India Morning Report: Out; KPIT, Biocon, M&M Finl, L&T? In; Sun Pharma, HDFC

Of course the trade that earns is a good Bharti as ITC catches a breath at 322-326 levels and HUL tries to crowd the space after good results across the seas at its headquarters. However, positional trades on ITC are advised, we still like IDFC and Yes, ICICI Bank’s journey is a bit in the clear after HDFC’s straightforward increase in spreads to 220 points on the yield curve turning south across all points. A lot of “Sell on Results” shucked out in the pre open indicators (Call Auctions and if they are trustworthy? right now we are pretty stabilised on the morning indicators on bid and offer prices you”ll get in the market hours)

We would advise, that viewers and ET Now still learn to ignore Volume breakouts between 9:15 and 9:30 as the price uptick in that first flush is usually recovered with a correction easily assigned in markets in the midst of a positive rally. Thus we do not believe in the Larsen technicals either and they should rest this one esp with the bad prognosis. L&T’s dismal domestic scores preference in the Indian markets is a lagging Indicator for the Indian Economy and its being a Capex churn probably a function of the pipeline at best and payment collection habits not a pointer of the Economy returned to Normal that the markets are forcing on it.

Biocon is  agreat pick after the “Sell on Results ” shock,. At least it is apparent that new investors did not join the Biocon rush after results which are due today. Those Mid Cap IT stocks still in the ring, better have a story to tell with the PCR still not crossing into overbought signals but the market still tired at old highs and the 8% after fatigue for the Indian charts M&M results are 0% higher on NII in rural catchments. HDFC profit was up 12%.

Barclays, CLSA and GS are already tepid on L&T but these levels are definitely not the stock’s ultintisurfeitmate bottom. No sign of bulls there or the turnaroo. Similarily for Kotak, who cannot perform as a company but shorting it remains uncharted territory. Is it right, BEES ETFs are back in play? check the volume ludes. and check the bottomline as always. Chill pill for qualuudes? extra u to coin my own word

Indian Pharma remains the great big bet for this rally as its market characteristics have truly changed and the Indian players have ramped up on the business of generics at least with cheap strategies for the $200 mln molecules and more in case of First movers post patent removal.

SBI is still uncomfortable at 1650 and looks ripe for Sell on rallies at these levels again.  I’d pick up Bajaj Auto again in pair trades as the trading range bottoms out again, not so unlikely at 1900 levels itself. I for one am ready to add Glenmark and ICICI Bank to big trades right away but waiting for a confirmaiton and the 6320 cap likely remains

The AAP charts can probably prove pre-cognitive abilities as donations that peaked in the new year damped out a week before the (Somnath) Bharti chapters made a big event splash India bulls Home loans are back with INR 6.95 B and PAT at INR 3.95 B, Loan books of INR 390 B are hopefully in process of reaching a better denominator in a large unbanked market like India. Axis Bank could pick up where it left off but investors do not expect any NPA debacles in that neck of the woods, sufficiently loudly demarcated as out of PSU

In Policy matters, the CPI linked benchmark idea, we will assume , was another committee suggestion ( someone converted us, right?). Affordable accommodation units and Prop rights(garden variety TDRs) in Mumbai RE did take off but have not grown as a class.

In unlisted business, opening as a secular class in the Morning Report, AS in including both Global Corps and Unlisted PE business or the unincorporated merchants and Franchisee business we prefer Mike Fries in the Global Charts (Charter Comm – Liberty Global)than the local entry of frozen processed fries(McCain), and that is a definite final No from India for McCain as it follows in Gujarat after McDonalds’ merchant production for its restaurants . The price points will be out of reach and the consumption uneconomical for Vikas Mittal’s new effort. Walmart’s independent beginning on the other hand is another new victor of he Indian sweepstakes and should ramp up faster in the next 3-4 years. Amazon FCs are in Bangalore

Tata Global rush trade classifieds are back again but no corrections this month, unless someone starts up a maruti while its running!

Oh ya,  I have finally come around. India’s problem is/was feting Jim o Neil. It’s a wonder he came back despite betting bigger on China and biting a big fat Turkey. (I have to watch how much to put in the Morning ReporT)

zee entertainment below 2odma is a false and stock is a great investment. do not pair trade in US cash equities if and when you head there to advise or trade. stay invested in cash and speculate in f&o. rice exports at 2.3 MT in rice couldn’t possibly have peaked already did they? are the quota clamps back in place or no surplus production? krbl trades may follow real-time exports/orders in the next 2 quarters

Did you see Biocon’s brush with the NHAI in the Bangalore Mirror today? Taking medians out on NHAI highways is definitely a surefire way to asininely jugaad India’s hind out of global competition. Biocon sales (updating at 10 AM post Keki Mistry of HDFC) are a 7 B for the quarter and R&D spends seem still subdued because of other limitations at INR 1.02 B but none of that should count against the investment. Principal Global may end up showing us how corp governance and voice on the board are still a flexible parameter for India portfolios as we move towards harnessing and integrating the NDF currency markets into the mainstream And hey that Thomas Bata protege is still walking, so there’s no (h)urry!

O Gao, Jan Jan (ko Chhua) Janjivan(badla)

Ashwini contributing to his own sells by recommending 6300 put sells, that’s backslapping yourself twice over as Puts have anyway likely over priced themselves out of investors by today’s close and that does not make investing on te bull side defensible today. so the shorts are likely having a needless hope surplus till Friday in the pouring rain.

PSU Bank Dividends are more than justified, if the Banking Secy needs any props and tempting fate by linking to February Capital re-infusions and Banks’ demand for reduction of free ATM transactions per month should be denied aand the number of free transactions should be increased.

India Morning Report: Why exactly is IOC available so cheaply?

Of course, Infy will lead the bullish breakout on the Index, and the profit prognosis again at a Cons INR 28.75 Bln is much more to look forward to than the Cons Revenues of INR 130 Bln but the dip in Revenue growth , braked to 0.5% on Q2 Dollar data is still probably excusable. The jump from Infy to the Earnings season that starts in earnest next week.

However, IOC is as expected delayed on the divestment news but mainly because the Oil ministry got the fangs to file a dissent note as the Energy co’s price has slumped to lower than 200 (on the average of prev 6 month closing prices) There are many benefits to divestment and in fact a bargain such as IOC at these prices would be an investor bonanza par extraordinaire. BPCL (up 7%) and HPCL(up 3% probably) gain on the news of the delay but the question to who are the agencies involved in muting the price performance of India’s best navratna after ONGC remains important to answer unfortunately for the BJP fueled markets and the outgoing Congress government

The Delhi Power audit will also ensnare Relinfra as it owns 2 out of 3 Delhi Power distcos with more than 30 mln subscribers and three-quarters of the Peak Demand. Delhi takes in a huge 7.5GW of Power Capacity of the installed 130 GW nationally but the share is much larger in utilised Power capacity

The Pharma companies, the other beneficiary of India’s global largess in currency trading, will also be busy making aggressive deals in the US Pharma market while rejuvenating their domestic Pharma businesses, with Torrent and Auro completing deals this quarter in Elder (domestic) and Celon.  Lupin delivered another USFDA win along expected lines with Twynsta generic being allowed to both Lupin and Torrent. Fresh buying is impossible even in Lupin, Cadila ( 850-1350 nah?)

The market is not really ranged and while Infy may not be able to envelop all India expectations ever again at the start of the results season, it still clears most markers impeding a new rally post earnings. Bank earnings deliver the second infusion of realistic optimism on India Inc in a few days when the upward edges of the range are exected to stand up to better levels. Meanwhile Infy should crawl to the top of its 3400-3650 range benefitting the rare speculator who punted positively for them , most having to square out written calls, even as the markets face resistance offered by such shorts and Infy sets the grounds for more positive surprises down the line with NRN back at the helm. The changes in the Executive would be the easiest to explain.

A problem of plenty as I use images from Google with the syndicated image burner feed disappearing from WP?? 😉

The RBI governor would be probably hoping that the month end policy becomes a non-event considering the positive mpact just from holding rates and the challenges from inflation growing by his side. BofA’s Axis Bank ugrade may still be too little and too late as Axis battles NPA spam with PNB , counted for its days with the PSU crowd

Indices should not see a meltdown thus at 6150 and you should get one bang out of the score if you sell 6100 Puts getting cheaper by the minute at the open and even 6200 ones. If you cover them do cover them with buys in the OTM range(buy) at 6700 ( assuming 6500 in  a close future top of the market ) The bottom of the index range should thus become more volatile funding the shorts glued in to the market bearing down for over 6 weeks now but they will probably tire out this time, Vol allowing a long-range upside on its own nevertheless as India VIX continues to ride low on a stuck to the tea leaves recovery, which will still trend higher and not lower like in China

India Morning Report: India needn’t have worried about Fed pronouncements

The only island of yet positive GDP growth with near 0 domestic investment, India could have easily ignored Fed pronouncements overnight but instead as the currency fails to find any buyers fell through at least two credit buckets in a single sweep with the Indian Rupee progressively targeting a 60 mark twice in this week and Oil imports continuing to drag the CAD warnings to future quarters with General Elections admittedly not recognised yet by the market as the proverbial ‘blinders’ to any further cognitive thinking and not many options left on the straight and narrow

The FII investments year to date are unfortunately a never before $15 Billion and the debt market continues to see withdrawals. Yields hit a circuit breaker as the old 10-Y bond was trading aat 7.57% and the tracked 10-year yields have hit 7.37% and will be moving north to track the new Oil bill expenses from here

Coal India Limited
Coal India Limited (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though markets would like to believe LIC is standing buying against a whirlwind of sales in equities as well, the situation is much easier in equities with the 5750 breach in the morning probably still the last move of the index south if indeed tomorrow markets recognise that it is much the status quo for India Inc prospects in the entire schema developed by liquidity flows and Europe’s demise in the last few years

Deep cuts in Foreign ownership rich stocks target private banks with ICICI holding together a motley crew of foreign investors and telcos barely surviving with the new FDI proposals lifting the cap to 100% by ordinance. the SS (S2 Analytics), Angel Broking and Ashwini Gujral comebacks today were effective I in particular paying attention to the Coal India short by SS that  should yield Coal India to 260 levels Also BOB may breach 600 but may not have further downside and Cipla and Lupin shorts should be ineffective as also further shorts on Banks despite the new market levels prognosticated to 5100-5300 levels by the Bears who finally caught a break after paying hefty carryover and I am still buying the banks, IDFC and Bharti and ITC for the bang on the upside. Jet Airways is also running the thin rope easily almost on predetermined lines to switch agreements on the Control issue allowing etihad powers commensurate with its 15% holdings.

Also despite the FDI in retail, one suspects most of the domestic investment has already been predated in the new bout as Walmart was already a back end partner and many others arrangements also have not sported fresh investment and thus this marks the deeply worrying sign tallying with the bears that indeed Fresh Domestic investments and thus fixed Capital Formation has yet to find any viable grounds or sources. However, in our final analysis this has all been discounted and equities will not see any money leaving after today’s cut making anything like 5600 impossible for the markets to fall to and even if indices fall to those levels it would not be linked to actual investment withdrawals of note and scrips already selected on the long side will not be impacted.


Rupee impact: The Free fall continues, small snag on equities

A world map of countries by gross domestic pro...
A world map of countries by gross domestic product at purchasing power parity per capita in 2007 from the International Monetary Fund. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unfortunately, with India inc again adding only probably less than 10% of its External Borrowing Capacity in debt, the Rupee and the equity markets have consequently snagged on the  Asian free fall, and now pro bably rupee has a trading target of 4-5% in this move to achieve the new 2014 equilibrium. While the stabiity is currently lacking it is primarily because for the Rupee it is not a daily volatility that is germaine to the currency markets and the trading range is much smaller than the other asian markets while it is still not picked upa s foil to the ultimate managed currency the Yuan which is a precipitating event of greed in the “Currency Wars” mechanism

Having said that, if one were to herewith propose a new rupee exchange with its limited degrees of freedom, the government cannot and should not bother about stepping in till even 65 levels and find meanwhile a longer run solution to the CAD, while the markets will take the Rupee down to 65 and fundamentally destroy the entropy required for recovery to resume in the aftermath and while it may be a jurassic/triassic notion of yore , destory the eigenvalues of Purchasing power parity much before the global market engagement is  increased   to a true equilibrium.

Mumbo jumbo apart 58.50 should hold because of the stability of governance and the defeat of inflation but if it is whirled through the week, it will tip to 60-61 levels and thence may not ever return to anywhere near Friday exchange levels because the fifth of GDP that is exports will straddle the rupee for the remaining term of FY14 for Global trade agreements for the year

Graph of the Gross Domestic Product GDP (at Pu...
Graph of the Gross Domestic Product GDP (at Purchasing Power Parity-PPP), per capita, as a function of per capita Toes. Year 2004. Data available online at (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the equities front, today’s event of correlation in moves actually mirrors the hidden correlation in capital moving out primarily from debt and in probably a stabilised form of market prediction from JP Morgan asking that the recovery bottom has not happened and will happen till now. While the RBi therefore is discouraged from rate action next Monday, it has put in motion a cascade of rate cuts which it must follow through and avoid running into damage control esp as Fixed income Markets will continue yielding lower on higher demand despite FIIs leaving Indian debt in the first pike exit of QE linked withdrawal from Asia as the lowest volatile investment and thus unlikely to produce ‘abnormal profits equated with Asia’. The PPP map of the world in the meantime as reproduced here from a long left to be updated web provider of images shows the fast losing relevance of this indicator and probaby needs a trading measure to it to harness its gains.


India Morning Report September 17, 2012: A New High For Nifty As India’s Reforms Story Rushes Get Canned


The usual climactic rushes surrounding India’s reform measrues have effectively been canned with the coalition stuck Congress able to push thru reforms from UPA2 while keeping the support of the SP, BSP and even Mamata Di.

The usual protests and demonstrations apart, just in retail it’s going to take more than a year before the existing players from Bharti’s EasyDay to Reliance and Future Group reorganise their operations along statewise lines so individual permissions for JVs can decide their partner’s equity in retail

In aviation, there will be no takers for the 49% stakes except for promoters in Jet or new investors in Spicejet while one is praying for air India and Kingfisher.

But, why waste a Monday morning in recrimination ( and last time markets would have crashed on the mere whimsy that the sky is not sunny all the time and it is not raining everyday) hen fibnally everything ont he reform agenda has been finished in time. Well, there is still the case fo a new Divestment target which is unlikely to fructify as PSU CEOs put their foot down but then a Diesel and LPG hike could have made any balanced intelligence see the folly in a downgrade (which as brinksmanship would have it, takes India to junk status)

The markets will hit the path to 6000 today but as outlined above it is likely a messy positics that ill muddy that scenario for indian bourses soon as dollar inflows make markets so steep on the uptick that a deeper fall is inevitable. However, having invested in, none of them ill be planning to leave at this stage, the waiting time being immaterial for the returns expected.


Late Morning Trading Strategies – An Update By 10 Am (September 17, 2012)


Markets have not gone nose up on news and thus are unlikely to go belly up by next week. As unexpected as it was and as fruitless it might be the sectoral runs in Aviation and Broadcast channels have been well left alone, the improvement in FDI regime resulting in gains of 3% (JET) to 12% (SPICEJET) in aviationa nd 3% Broadcast Cable companies. Sensex is up 100 points.

Holders will gain and it is not really time for fresh buying. The commodities cycles are quite done in the big run up of last month according to us but shorts dio not have a clear run in silver or Copper or even ANtural Gas. Crude should go higher but not ithout a not so shallow correction. The Euro at 1.30 is pointing to a bottom for the Dollar being very nearby though some European investors have again taken Euro into their fold, saving it to 1.36-39 by the year end (HSBC)

The policy data comes out in a n hour


India Morning Report: A bright festive pre close rally to 5450


Of course that is about all the market could take as it prepares to correct today after another long run on the positive side. It is unlikely however that the correctiobn be anything more than a shallow dip and those waiting for a flash restart of a steep rally will likely have to plan it a bit further don the line at this point. It is more about safeguarding capital flows already in the market than about more news flow driven markets responding to policy inaction or any inaction with a fall.

The IIP disappointment will also likely survie a big dip as the market took pains to ride out the news without any adverse moves. The strength in transaction volumes contineus but 5450 may invite some profit booking in due course when the move snowballs to the south.

OF course a downgrade would set the ball rolling and that is one effect of policy inaction we cannot avoid. Politically they should also get to defend why India is anyway treated near the BBB levels by the rating agencies despite its more traditional and even public spending dominant structure for its banks .


Happy Thursdays! Expiry Volatility continues

English: The Symbol of Indian Rupee approved b...
English: The Symbol of Indian Rupee approved by the Union Cabinet on 15 July 2010. The Design for the symbol was submitted by D. Udaya Kumar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One week to go, rupee made an equally violent come back even as the Euro finally matched INR levels to its own performance in Europe rather than wait for its comeback with stronger levels against  the rupee on the back of depreciation against the Dollar. Dollar marched on relentless against currencies yesterday before Chines Flash PMI data again confirmed the worst and again a rally in base metals and precious metals has been nipped in the bud because China would not be importing any more in a hurry esp after the export crunch began in APAC last month.

For equities, it means the risk trade is definitely off but the Dollar may have stopped rising giving a temporary synaptic failure between rupee depreciation and Equity crash so equities recovery can likely continue after the rupee is back at 55 levels too, not necessairily nose diving at every pick up in the USD against our currency. Changes like China’s tick down and the crash in Newzealand exports for example could disconnect the all markets correlation and that would be fortunate for most FIIs too as the Risk on trade can continue while Europe implodes on itself Spanish and Greek yields continuing rising upwards and ECB unable to afford another LTRO.

But then a lot of you should now just be trading June futures and banks and select equities like IDFC, REC in the infra sector ( or construction if you prefer)

Fixed Income Report: India back as flavor of the year

Global sentiment has again turned in favor of India as a leader of the trend of survival led growth, thaat is bleeding the best of developed world markets dry with expectations of QE fuelled growth that are increasinglytemporary growth humps on the chart and trending down like a dampening whale’s breath on each injection of liquiidity.

हिन्दी: ताजमहल English: Taj Mahal, Agra, India...
हिन्दी: ताजमहल English: Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Deutsch: Taj Mahal im indischen Agra. Español: Vista del Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Français : Le Taj Mahal, à Âgrâ, en Inde. Русский: Мавзолей Тадж-Махал, Агра, Индия. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Put in simpler terms the yields from $100 in first round of QE is probably as much from $230 in the second round and now that most have more than $1000 invested and are getting half the strength expected to continues in housing and treasury markets, the Indian yields are good to be shopped leading a trend down, though RBI was also mopping extra liquidity out from the markets in today’s run

Indian spices
Indian spices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The miss India missed to nail down again

Rather to the detriment of the Indian purse strings which are a little stretched as always, we were unable to even attract real portfolio FDI in this current run on Equities, with $7 bln hardly enough for the kind of momentum we talk to. China definitely has the edge on infrastructure but more so and back on the same drawing board, it is our spin control and inability to adopt a senior group of such investors and give them what they want that is the problem why we at our best our no more than a 5-7% in the MSCI Asia index.

Indra Nooyi
Image via Wikipedia

We need to cultivate mroe than the process and more than our seldom far out daspora like Sameer Arora and indra Nooyi / Vikram Pandit but more so, we need to sit with just one group of a dozen FDI and FII investor advisors ( just the latter is required with a commitment to bat for both FDI and FII) and not just feed them the public press but go all out to make them commit at least one fifth if not one third of their global investments to this new #2 in 2050 as reports mark our future growth. It is what the ASEAN and more importantly the Chinese have done right.

English: Vikram Pandit, Chief Executive Office...
Image via Wikipedia

The mandates, and they are not banana republics or banana billtons any of them, just the mandates hwne given have been complete and thus the investors were able to roll bigger cash into the Taiwans, the Turkeys and even China, poor at $10 blna month in FDi and considerably much more in Portfolio investments at the low end of the cycle with local governments, fund management companies and despite pecuniary duties on imported auto which does not stop th others from brining int he big investment to China

Happy Thursdays! Paying market prices for Spectrum

Telcos would now be paying $250 mln per MHz as a likely average price for new spectrum, including 122

Bharti Airtel Lanka
Image via Wikipedia

canceled licences. Even if 61 of those licenses are purchased at the new price of upto $2 bln on average per operator , that is $12 bln more in the government kitty and hopefully larger at $20-24 bln with all licensees buying the regional spectrum in the new dispensation.

However that also means an expensive mobile bill as ARPUs below 100 Airtel educates us to grows back in billin grates by 60-70% to pay for the new spectrum and in the case of new telcos making older pricing plans virtually impossible to emulate even though someone with a reputable network like Uninor ( among the newbies) only has 36-40 mln customers and at a much lower ARPU, Airtel and Vodafone taking the opportunity to attempt the 30% higher new bill rate as probabilities for retaining and growing market shares improve after the action against Raja culminating in the cancelation of 100+ licenses

Chidambaram may not be arraigned by the court later this week (today/tomorrow) but irreparable harm may have been done to the Indian Body politic with or without Sibal Prices can easily cross 4 times the bid (not bid) auction prices used in 2008

Image via Wikipedia

Inflation is coming back too and so are dire predictions of slow growth for India as Rupee’s best is barely below 50 against the Dollar. All in all time for banks to start the nose down from 5250 to something near 5000 to assess and predicate the course for the rest of the old fisc in waiting for the budget.

PSE Auctions are still likely a good thing but the government receipts could close on the Spectrum deal faster. Also with the new plan period in action, Infra plays being financed by debt funds  and inviting new participation around the globe are also likely to bring the cheer back as interest rates start the climb down in 2-3 months.

English: Indian singer Rekha Bhardwaj at the 2...
Image via Wikipedia

India FDI: India superpower in application development (E&Y)


Even as FDI growth in China continued to grow Services at 15% and manufacturing at less than 5% , its inland provinces will soon get to be the majority FDI destination with the Eastern seaboard share falling below 50% this year.

This year despite teh statistics from the E&Y report the erstwhile no. 4 sector with 33 infra FDI projects is likely to become a major recipient of FDI in value terms thru dedicated Infra Funds incl the ADB-HSBC – IIFCL one

India no. 4 FDI Destination : E&Y

In India however, 146 Tech projects outbid the no. 2 industry in Retail and consumer as the single biggest contributor to FDI. For some strange reason India’s middle class/ consumer for the E&Y team stays stuck at the 2001 figure of 250 million even as it discuesses the Top 5 FDI destinations as those favored by Indian IT

The top five FDI destinations in India are Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi and Pune. They attract 43 per cent of the investment projects, 34 per cent of the jobs created and 26 per cent of the value of FDI in India.(BS report)

Auto and Healthcare were also pointed out as key destinations in the E&Y survey released by india head Rajeev Memani

The survey also points that private equity (PE) in India has significantly evolved over the last decade. It mentions that 2,000 Indian companies were funded by PE in the last five years and $50 billion was invested from 2007 to 2011. “Despite the ups and downs over the past decade, PE has emerged as a very important investor in India Inc and with the long term India growth story still intact, PE funds continue to look eagerly at investing in India, ” says the report.

Godrej gets a Temasek vote of confidence

Baytree’s investment into Godrej consumer underlines the long pending second line of investments to be made by the Asian SWF in India and other growing economies of the region.

Godrej is issuing 10% equity or 16.7 mln shares in a preferential allotment to the Baytree arm of Temasek at a good $8.2 price or less than $6.30 if you consider Indian rupeee’s expected levels of INR 65 to the Dollar $$) The equity makes Temasek a 4.9% investor in GCPL, Godrej Consumer. The new Rupee 1.00 par value shares will help the company fund and stablise their acquisitions in hair dye maker Cosmetica in Chile and last year’s acquisition of African hair care firm Darling.

Cosmetica for example cost GCPL a hefty INR 10.8 bln for its $36 mln turnover but will add INR 2 bln in profits

Temasek Holdings
Image via Wikipedia

every year after the acquisition is completed. African Darling is thru one phase of marger integration as per Adi Godrej and likely to complete integration by 2013. GCPL grew revenues at 36% from December 2010 profit growing faster to INR 1.67 bln for the entire company growin g12% volumes in the Indian business

Adi Godrej’s interview in today’s DNA is available here

The company has acquired domestic brands like Genteel and Swastik, haiir color Rapidol and accesories Kiny in South Africa as well as Tura in Nigeria and an insecticide company, Megasari in Indonesia

English: Adi Godrej at WIEF
Image via Wikipedia

The company has made a comeback with its pure soaps in India, growing volumes in soaps at 18% in the latest quarter and Magasari’s innovation will likely be introduced to compete with Good Knight in India. Godrej also likes to talk about its 1-2% R&SD spend and may want to grow the advertising on its brands in line its new mores , probably for its proefessional hair brands in which it has increased spends and M&A purchases.

While Malaysian Khazanah has just changed its charter from a Energy rich SWF to a diversified fund and may be more interested in smaller/monopoly plays in smaller Indo China economies, Temasek continues to farm the big money in China, Singapore and India.

Korea will probably make its own surplus SWF investments but still needs some inward interest from other SWF funds while india’s Top 20 in the Private Sector have been a matter of considerable Interest for Temasek since 1999.

The use of so many subsidiary vehicles for Temasek however incl Cedar , Baytree and directly as well as the bigger sibling in GIC is likely to make governance complex however for the coming generations of investment from Temasek as well.

FDI hungers for India’s growing consumer markets – What are the challenges?

Baytree’s investment into Godrej consumer underlines the long pending second line of investments to be made by the Asian SWF in India and other growing economies of the region.

While Malaysian Khazanah has just changed its charter from a Energy rich SWF to a diversified fund and may be more interested in smaller/monopoly plays in smaller Indo China economies, Temasek continues to farm the big money in China, Singapore and India.

Korea will probably make its own surplus SWF investments but still needs some inward interest from other SWF funds while india’s Top 20 in the Private Sector have been a matter of considerable Interest for Temasek since 1999.

Temasek Holdings
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The use of so many subsidiary vehicles for Temasek however incl Cedar , Baytree and directly as well as the bigger sibling in GIC is likely to make governance complex however for the coming generations of investment from Temasek as well.

As more non staple entertainment products like Hollywood blockbusters have noted india’s liberalised market offers extreme challenges for inflation sensitive products and upsizing/super sizing of SKUs and price realisations there on. In such conditions, Godrej’s new structures are a tentative experiment and an early vote of confidence from Temasek must have been a long standing argument for the country managers and the Godrej management per se.

Neither Dabur nor Godrej are guaranteed any success, Airtel branded soaps and agarbattis may have a better chance even in africa ina few years as Proctor & Gamble with global brand recognition stays in consumer discretionary spends in its predominantly staples portfolio and remaining counted in super premium brands in their value Tide portfolios

English: Logo of Godrej.
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L’Oreal’s Body Shop chains and super premium men’s range have a better chance from the sheer profitability of their ‘slower’ product lines in the luxury market as India’ s penchant for super brands and luxury hotels translates into a supersized lifestyle premium “for those who can afford it” and thus its $1.4 bln JV with Lotus is a much more sizeable investment as Jawad Habib’s and Bounce like salons grow into the mindset of the new salaried executive hungering for a sumptuous weekend fare outside just dining experiences and mall entertainment.

Can’t read these men, Can’t read what us indians want women will probably welcome Oprah’s OWN on indian territory as these second line of FDI investors from global organised consumer industries from retail and media to consumer aviation and luxury automobiles are much better positioned to make real efforts to break into the India n market, their first line having blamed everything fromt he unhygenic Mumbai to government babus yet not really having the policies to blame and having turned around villages with a few dollars of investment .

Moody’s makes India P-3

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india finally received an investment grade rating in short term debt instruments at P-3 even as the $310 bln in corporate exposure to international debt now includes more than 40-50% on short term obligations, now easy to roll over int he origibnal market as an investment grade security

The Air india Debt restructuring package – FAIL

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The Airline’s debt restructuring package of $ 4.4 bln rides on a INR 74.08 bln preference share issue that will require additional provision under the original RBI dispensation itself. thuis the package is back on the drawing board with SBI Caps the advisor, having earlier announced as being accepted/proposed by the lender(s)

The Investment banker’s proposal required new provisions of INR 96.18 bln for the INR 224.5 bln debt to be restructured and an additional INR 221 bln guaranteed by the government. It also requires conversion of the existing overdrafts to longer term loans of INR 112 bln leaving INR36.5 as Cash credit used ( and not new avl limits)

100% FDI in Single Brand Retail, Aviation and Multi Brand FDI also on the anvil

As the drop in investment rate of more than 47% in both investment proposals (CMIe data in ET lead – ) and

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government infra project approvals shows up in negative cap goods and low GDP growth, the FDI saga is likely to be brought back to finish off positively for this government to keep the India growth agenda with itself.

An invitation to Louis Vitton, Cartier, Armani, Rolex and Ikea

The 100% single brand FSDI approval came through in the morning headlines, adding the usual 30% local sourcing rider allowing that sourcing to be from”Indian” providers” and necessitating the allowed limit of $1 mln( It could be $5 mln so easily if enough lobby pressure is applied) to be invested by the brands in developing such SME (Village industry/SMEs) supply chain themselves and there is hardly anyother option available for Ikea and others with the rider in place to develop such supply chain locally and/or limit participation to 51% and come in with a partner whence they can sell 100% imported units/itsems/SKUs for clothes/shoes accessories or furniture as the case may be.

Ikea for example would think of suppliers for joints, nuts and bolts where applicable/possible or some wood panels for specially introduced furniture lines ( highly unlikely!) or an apparel brand would set up finishing units as India is already a known exporter with a definite quality benchmark in fabrics/leathers/readymades or accessories

Multi brand FDI and Aviation FDI face state and coalition pressures from Mamta Banerjee and the

Election symbol of DMK
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designated DMK State Aviation minister, already facing tough corruption action in Telecom.

Overseas FDI by India reaches $45 bln

Indian outbound FDI reached a $43.9 bln mark in 2011 till March 2011. This includes the Q2 purchase of

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Airtel Africa (Zain ) in 2010 in 15 African countries. It also includes the $3 bln and more purchases of Shale by Reliance  across Pioneer, Atlas and other shale owners in the Marcelus and other shale areas in the USA.

FT reports the Sahara acquisition of Grosvenor House as the landmark UK investment while M&M snapped up the SSangyong SUV business in Korea for pennies in 2010-11 less than half a bln, rumored to be headed for Saab from Spykar this year M&M scraped its ventures with Ford (earliest) and Nissan – Renault ( 2008) as it still produces the M&M Verito on production lines set up to produce Logan and Nissan’s India car to be designed by them.

Liquor baron, MP and Force India owner meanwhile is embattled in a fight for the survival of Kingfisher Airlines and Tata consolidating its JLR and Corus steel purchases from more than 3 years ago. Indian Financial services business never reached the required scale overseas either but carries a book of more than INR 8 Tln or  $ 160  bln in SBI and $3 Tln or $60 bln in ICICI Bank following on the heels of Chinese and US Top 4 with over $225 bln in assets each

Why liquidity should not be banks’ poison (alone)!

Central Banks worldwide, our RBI included are busy providing Reserve Requirement cuts and Emergency liquidity mop ups to ensure inter bank market fluidity and avoid a situation like for Italy and Belgium, Spain and others last November in Europe. 

The ongoing Euro crisis is not just the cause of this drying up, but in fact few would probably bother to remember that 2008 was a result of this extreme loss of liquidity. why that happened and why banks are wrongly considering themselves only for the liquidity charter or seedings is that inordinate rush to fund the entire banking assets with inter bank overnighters. RBs included 70% of Capital from short term sources when it went down in 2007, Lehman did not get a Fed licence to add liquidity as Capital for its next balance sheet when it ran out of collateral in September 2008.

Deutsche Bank and BofA are still selling assets to add capital back not because the bar wad raised by the governments to Tier I capital but in these cases just because they relied entirely on overnight markets ( BofA means the investment bank with a banking licence in Merrill Lynch too) and after sales of $50 bln in assets, the bank still needs another equal amount from non available Capital to survive.

Deleveraging thus is as much a response to clampdowns on use of inter bank notes as long term capital for Bassel 3 requirements as anything else. Above all behind a well regulated bank, pointed out by Menaka here, is the new realisation that you can’t leave on the neighbour’s bread all year and need to absolve yourself of the charter to provide continuous liquidity to markets. Banks should focus on long term lenbding and matching sources of funding to the tenure of the funding they do than just sit on liquidity windows pressuring themselves and the banking system

Midcap Select: Opto Circuit, Adani Ent


Opto got a first device FDA approval in the USA thrui its Cardiac Science Corp subsidiary. It can now invest in marketing of its retail Wearable Holter Cardiac Monitors


Apart from being close to outbid on the LNG unit in Gujarat Gas (65% stake + 26% open offer = 91.5% of $1

A Meghwal woman in the Hodka village, north of...
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bln+ Valn premium on sale) Adani also commissioned a largest of its kind 40 MW solar plant in Kutch in less than 6 months. Kutch is on the northwest coast of India in Gujarat, also where Adani’s port and Tata’s Mundra power plant are located.

Ford rolls out Asia plans from India

Ford has scored a great win with its hybrid Compact SUV in its home markets as the Ford Escape in October and November ( head over to to check out today’s Auto sales announcements in the US ) Its market share in December, likely to cross 15% with more than 171,000 in sales. It has planned to expand Indian capacity with a similar compact SUV here titled the Ford EcoSport ( WSJ India ) 

[[posterous-content:qlasovICwvCmAxIFBHnd]]Ford has planned a second factory in Sanand in Gujarat ( next to the Nano plant) for a cost of $660 mln ( INR 40 bln) and is upgrading its Diesel Engines capacity in Chennai by 33% to 330,000 for another $72 mln, while it has a current capacity of 200,000 petrol units in Figo, Fiesta and its Endeavour SUV specification

The Indian hybrid targets its earlier JV partner in India M&M which has bought a SUV company in Korea and could well face immediate competition from GM which has started doing better than Ford in India as also VW which is almost caught up without support from Suzuki the hybrid SUV is planned for $142 mln at current exchange prices. Ford will likely spend much lesser dollars on this project if it is indeed enacted thru 2012


NBFCs: Barclays completes process of closing out, buyers welcome

Barclays apparently thought it a good idea to enter India as a NBFC less than 5 years ago as NBFCs can open branches at will. However, as much noted, the model did not quite work for Barclays with a lack of probity and inability to grow in Credit cards forced the bank to sell out and close its operations in India.

It’s credit cards portfolio without its 20% NPSs as sold to SCB and of the 30 odd branches for the bank, hat have all stopped lending further, at least 20 ar ebeing closed down across the country leaving it with branches in ‘ single digits’ to manage the existing unsecured loan book

The loan assets are worth another INR 30 bln or $500 mln on top of the sale of INR1.75 bln in Credit card assets ( from 160,000 cardholders )

Eiko and her credit card
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The new on again, off again

Ambani House July 2010
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Happy New Year everyone. As head of the largest falling business empire in market capitalisation has come back from the East and Tata Airlines to my father’s group of companies, I have organised one little reunion with ( no, not my little brother) the one that matters the most tome and I knew of.

Mukesh Ambani has taken up the $250 mln debt ( We are transferring a lot of idiopathic drivel to sanity courses with 1$ =  Rs 60 USDINR=X at 60 will likely overshoot the final average rate for the rupee this year we hope and it also gives us time to think and strategise, to plan the year and get readers more reason to ccontribute to us.

The $250 mln investment will alow Reliance media efforts to come out of the gray zone to some extent with new brands pretty usurius to build even  in Big bad Mumbai. India can do with a strong industrial group coming together and if Mukesh Ambani is able to put his act together after whatever component of the $8.8 bln development costs are paid back to him by DGH/ MOFPET

Mukesh Ambani at the India Economic Summit 2007
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Earlier Ambani in his true bludgeoning self had kicked himself repeatedly with shadow investments in his telcos apart from the misadventures of younger bro’s RCOM expansions and RMEDIA expansions in at best shady ventrues without admissions or taints of corp governance and administration, easily run from the BErmudas if so willed. Mr Mumbai Indian in the meantime has been singularly helpin gthe banking sector avoid too much correction in India during the bear run, absorbing more Bear points than a Canadian grizzly bear on each rough day at the markets.

Top 5 Private Equity Deals in India – Exits

In exits, the Patni exit came after a 10 year wait for a paltry $1.5 bln valuation ( $1.2 bln at Year end exchange rates) The BPO giant Intelenet also found it difficult to close the deal, finally settling for $600 mln for Blackstone’s exit by selling tio Serco. Serco has thence not ramped operations in India too much either.

Warburg Pincus made some good profits in its sale of 4% of Kotak mahindra for a good price on the exchanges with $245 mln in its kitty. it still holds another 6% but has exited most of its other investments like Vaibhav Gems and even Max India

As the Indian Telecom story merged int ot he global mainstream saga of despair and degrowth, ChrysCap was able to get out of Idea Cellular, its 2.7 percent stake fetching $170 mln

Last in the list, Siemens had to bide its time for its venture to exit BIAL selling 14% of the airport to ROFR holder GVK after a wait of 3 years for Rs 6.14 bln or $120mln.

Siemens Project Ventures, which typically puts in $130 million-$1.3 billion in a project, has invested in 14 international power plant projects, with an overall capacity of more than 8,000 MW, as well as in three telecommunications projects, two medical centres and an airport, with a cumulative project volume of $10 billion.

Bollywood, India too expensive to make money from dreams?

Mission: Impossible
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Indian Media and Entertainment posted a string of positives though listed bullionaires like Eros and PVR continued to struggle to prove their worth on a perceived high cost base, being measured against some unreasonable expectations.

While Ra.One was a blockbuster but fell on being second to Sallu’s antics despite a $17 mln weekend at opening (domestically at $1=50) , The Don 2 and Mission Impossible concurrent successes of this month are being compared on equally tenuous marks despite $3 mln of daily business as Indian entrepreneurs in their bid to fund the global majors have set a high watermark for profiting from the success of this entertainment. 

To a funny bone it might seem its corporatisation is a s much a dud as that of Foreign banks like Stanchart to harness the Indian Capital markets, with IDRs that do not have the rights for investors to enjoy the company’s performance. 

However the string of blockbusters is leaning on 2d and 3d prints as well as FX studios in LA making scenes between MI4 and Don 2 , both unworthy sequels almost seamlessly part of the same shoot. The international runs are farther with 50 mid east prints in 3D for Ra.One that cost SRK’s studio INR1.5 bln to make and at least 4 metros share screenings at INR 1500 a pop in Gold studios ( incl expense on snack time cuisine from Pepsi and Dogs to Tortilla wraps vying with Shawarma rolls and falafel)

Don 2 collected $15 mln in Domestic markets in Week 1 and $10 mln overseas while collections from Tamil and telugu added at least $ 3mln or 12.5% of its Week 1 collections(12/30)

G.One (character)
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India infrastructure Health & Welfare: European Development funding for India thru the SWF route

India has long relied on welfare funding and low cost development funding from non World Bank and IMF

The World Development Report 2011
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sources like Sweden and UK for its welfare, health and construction / infrastructure spending, relying almost totally on the same during the phase China over sped on infrastructure to create highly leveraged municipals and new ghost towns where no migrants moved from rural areas

The entire DMIC project is highly leveraged on funding by Japan to the extent of more than $ 4 bln, and European counterparts have been fallin gbehind because of auditing concerns and local political maelstroms even before the crisis.

More than 60% of China’s sovereign investments from one of its 3 funds is invested internationally. That means China already has $360 bln in investments including equities like McDonalds and Coke which are doing well in China itself

UK, while cutting back on its development aid commitments to India, has committed for the next 4 years channeling the $2 bln program budgeted at $420 mln a year thru its SWF the Commonwealth Development Corporation fund of dunds for upto $200 mln a year or half its 5 year commitment. CDC being a SWF will be answerable to U staeholders on safeguarding of UK taxpayers’ investment and return parameters and thus will go further to grow UK’s debilitated international franchise as it has all but walked out on the Euro after 20 years. Germany gets 60% of its market for exports of machinery and consumer goods from within the Eurozone , a little ahead of UK and France

The reorientation of the aid as been summarily done in London as Tory MPs do not think a nation disqualified from IMF development aid parameters should qualify for developmental aid

Air India’s 787 purchases – Can India get a Aircraft leasing corp now?

1940s-2007 Air India logo
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There is definitely a case for an independent agency to warehouse the leases for big Aircraft carriers and / or facilitate a sale for Boeing and Airbus by taking on a Sale and earning on our books from the Lease to Air India and even private Aircraft. I am probably just shooting from the hip and details can work out to prove or disprove the project.

However, such an agency will make an income stream permanent, serve the national cause with the right budget in the right hole and find an income stream for eithe r Banks / or State companies as a aircraft leasing corporation

Currently 27 aircraft ( Dreamliners albeit not the 8 series) are on oder with Airlines/international agencies using the Sale and Leaseback option for Air India with the carrier paying the rentals. It is definitely convenient for Air india and serves the cause of modernising the fleet. According to DNA, even as the government stands ground , still waiting to approve the deal, 11 aircraft are scheduled into Air India’s roster next year for 4500 hours each from Delhi / Mumbai..For at least one return sector per day ( flying 12-13  hours per day)

Is Orchid underestimating the loss? No..could be a good pick

Markets have beaten Orchid Chem to a pulp down 12% as investors and traders think that the new $100 mln raised though prudent, paying off FCCB and lesser than the original loan plus interest is going to be a big loss for Orchid. The Rupee is in a downtrend from 54 now to likely a number above 60 which will reflect in MTM losses and increasing rupee payments on the balance sheet. However, with consistent dollar revenues, Orchid could well balance any MTM losses and Gains on a quarter to quarter basis as both sides of the Balance sheet are fully covered in exposure with $100mln of exports each quarter at avery conservative basis (in a stressed scenario)

More to this ‘short bout of volatility’

English: Company logo for CLSA Asia-Pacific Ma...
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There are miles to go for India to even try a fair chance for GST, DTC and Infrastructure investments to name just three seering gaps. CLSA downgrade of India – biting for Sensex levels of 25% lower near 11000-12000 could be the ‘tru dat’ of a sinking European bank season as it hits Asia at a very vulnerable time. No one should deny the loss of purchasing power of the rupee at a rate of 60 to the dollar . PPP terms should thus become wider from the current rates again

However, Banks are being targeted somewhat unfairly raising old concerns of it being because they are our only liquid stocks that run on financial assets that can be willingly spiralled into submission. And that is perhaps precisely the reason they could be targeted. One could see India testing hyperinflation and other denigrated “IMF tenets” of deficit economics being raise by this hot money tail. As funds lose close to 20% and a s flight of capital also ensures lower than 80% availability of locked capital, it is unlikely that anyone can defend against the shorts that are required by traders to recover income in this cycle for their investors and clients.

Global fundamentals demand perhaps that India understand the downward spiral like the other sovereigns. Of course that still does not deny that we were at least 5-6 notches better than Italy and Spain, whereas we have been alooof to the crisis because the “developed world” of the med had a lot of downward catching up of ratings to do with the emerging stars like India and China. Unfortunately though, we have lost the chance to be an equal with China, irrespective of how proud we are of our distinctive identity

China's FIRST McDonald'sWith the dip in stocks on non conformation by the RBI ignored for a late afternoon sell off, Nifty could well do another 250 points till Thursday. I would suggest waiting and watchin gon bargains with a holding capacity of 10-15% of paper losses at 4200-400 levels

Foreign Banks in India: European Banks deleveraging in Asia Part II

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According to the news flow, borrowing costs across Asia have risen upto 50%, that’ is a sizable loss on balance sheets too

where Asian swaps would have been incomplete rings and with this situation of freeze in financing however expected, those betting on Asia’s growth despite the picture of the slowdown ( not when you considered Asia in subdued growth but when you – and many did – bet on contrarian growth or that the globe did not matter )

There is no denying however that Asia will still grow at 4% and Central Asia & Africa as a region would grow albeit at its speculative trade/underdeveloped paradigm rate which was Europe’s version of an Emerging market European banks have to exit faster though if they want to be not caught in the flurry of exits. TThey will not get a penny’s worth in 3 months if deleveraging continues. Expecting banking assets to be illiquid is a readjustment that will cause such reactions in the market esp with Asian banks already suffering at the hands of repo financed Europe for a decade in Swaps and derivative contracts.

I remember AIG spent two years trying to get anyone interested in its business last time  despite profits in Asia. Credit Suisse needing to deleverage its market book is not a good sign for its advisory business. nor UBS focus on private banking / wealth as its future. Credit Agricole is shutting shop in 21 countries after losing EUR 637 mln in the latest quarter and quitting 1000 jobs in Investment Banking businesses after 850 jobs in France and 650 jobs in Consumer Finance and Factoring

In India, the costs have risen on par despite the strong ECB performance till October by the sheer drop in the rupee not the whole 20% but the one from 50 – 55 ( 54.50 today) a further 10% even as only 3-4 FCCB borrowers are out of the race. Opacity in news flows continues to trouble those with exits firmly completed though, and that is the raison d-etre of having a TV channel to shout from as the index takes the wrong ones to 45 despite R Power, Welspun , Orchid and a couple of others having exited the Dollar debt that was to be a pain and / or matched with their Export inflows

Bharti has a $12 bln of External debt in Dollars on its balance sheet which it has not swapped or hedged. Suzuki gets an import bill of almost $1.6 bln dollars. Indian Oil companies’ entire Oil imports are a huge loss to the exchequer as they have the purchases of $5-10bln every other month again unhedged and miscommunication and bank managements will have to share the blame for these treasuries’ inefficiencies
It is not clear if the INR 80 bln announced by REC as external debt is converted at current rates another $200 mln is to be issued this year maximum from dollar markets apart from a current $250 mln issue. REC Ltd has otherwise worked with very low rates and is repaying $200 mln worth Its book is Rs 1 Tln (930 bln) and new $1 billion at 8.25% may be at least a percent higher

India’s economic contradictions show up, infra investment remains slow

Equities trading near lows, derivatives including the PCR has moved on to a low 1.05 showing that the down move in equities will be limited. However after Friday’s trading at 8.55% yields are already further down to 8.47% very encouraging to the RBI Governor to begin rate cuts in earnest  and there in lies another potential breakpoint for the market after policy announcement on Friday as rate cuts are unlikely to play into the Indian story for another 4-5 months., inflation drops well in progress otherwise.

Moodys’ and goldman Sachs ( Jim O Neill) have already sounded dire Forex payments warnings  with retail FDI having counted as negative. India’s fixed income exposure outside continues to look healthy with recent outward and inward transactions of sizable value completed per expectations so we stil have time to repair our outlook.

Apart from revisiting retail FDI , whence the six months figure of $20 bln in FDI could move faster in the

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remaining fiscal, we also need to get our power sector investments going again. 2012 will be better for Fixed Capital formation as the new 5 year plan makes fresh proposed investments in its first year and briniging the growth imperative back could bring back the same additionally.

Fortunately, India’s banks are sitting on good capital reserves to accelerate credit where it is in the right stage whether for outward FDI or domestic projects thru domestic and International/PE equity. Infra structure projects’ longer gestation from the various Bombay Metro projects to the Harbor Sea link (Sewri) to be bid by Mukesh ambani and investors’ rejection of the same show the challenge ahead of us in investments in infrastructure as both fixed income markets and equities need to vcover short term returns to recover their higher costs for the scarce capital. 30 year capital can come to projects from private players only if longer debt is assured of better financial infrastructure apparently,else funding India’s $2.5 tln infrastructure gap and thus maintaining the growth imperative was well within our reach in 2011

Negative Gross Fixed capital formation after a dull 8% growth in the June quarter has skewed India’s relationship witht he credit agencies. It’s uneven relationship and the last minute slowdown when China is steadying ships is a confusing signal for the market watchers.

Unfortunately RBI cannot do much more right now except sing paeans to the success of inflation being in control

We are not alone in the slowdown nor we ever had any reason for our equity markets to be so optimistic in the last six months, but somehow we missed our growth imperative in 2010 and 2011 before being caught inthe slowdown, looking at the fall now negating our previous accomplishments rather than allowing us a wait and watch period.

Growth in Indirect Taxes – Customs, Excise and Services

The November Data for Indirect Taxes remains encouraging…Customs collections a INR 1 Tln, Excise competing at 944 bln and Service taxes growing 16% on October to INR 580 bln for the period till November 2011  However with Exports at $22.3 bln for them onth the deficit of nearly $140 bln in trade would hardly be compensatred or in this case the growing fisc would jhardly be bridged completely to a 5%  Fisc leaving at least a 1% over run on the Fisc

National Manufacturing Policy / Zones

The NIMZ cities identified in the latest manufacturing policy area compendium of all identified microsites and

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large successes of India in manufacturing policy over the last decade. Japan funded Delhi Mumbai infra corridor, the industrial zone at Manesar or the village Dholera in Gujarat identified for investment can start in quick time. The Dedicated Freiht Corridor needs $7-8 bln, the DMIC even $40 bln or INR 2 Tln for itself, Japanese providing $10 bln and Private sector to be willing ot invest the rest

With a new Land acquisition bill, which nevertheless does not make it easy for someone to single handedly establish or grow a city in the wilderness( attract good talent for one, attract suppliers and ensure all resources in supply for another)  is still as difficult but where land acquisition and construction for manufacturing can begin like in Manesar, Haryana or Dholera , Gujarat can show the way to others if done right. Unfortunately winners do not include last decades export successes like Textiles and Auto ancilliaries and Services will be denied its place in the sun if it remains a National “manufacturing” Policy. The Buddh International Arena in UP near New Delhi with a NCR, Delhi address tag is a great success showcase for others.

Also, like Indian banks being told off in foreign lands, foreign banks in India like ICBC and CCB that have just opened should not be allowed to club their business with that of the parent country as it will stifle local opportunity esp where such large investments are expected by local satraps and a regular scam-o-rama is keeping the media busy from 2G to Mamta Banerjee Europe , in contrast has global companies and diaspora ( not remittances) that make such partnerships with banks global in thei rvery nature instead. Sadly some of them will leave or forfeit plans of growing in retail if they ever nodded to RBI

A couple of other ‘contradictions’ have to be managed in India, including letting farmers a share of real estate profit with the new bill in hand allowing prices without governemnt interference, delevraging required in the real estate satraps specialised for such acquisition incl DLF, JSW and maybe JP ( not delevraging but has hands fuull) or the new crop wlike India bulls and Adani which have to bear the blame for endless delays in the Power sector or the consumption successes like PVR and mall owners who are making profits only in the super luxury investments. Also India’s labor participation rates could soon be dropping below 65% ( nearly a low 60% in the mediterranean Euro crisis owners) and US that provided a great land of opportunity for educated talent from this country, also suffering a low participation rate of 64%

Interesingly India’s export growth, still keeps machinery in the largest categories, and should soon include

The Rashtrapati Bhawan which is the residence ...
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pharmaceuticals as well. Perhaps Farming can be mechanised, along with Textile cities and Auto ancilliary dreams. Loan mela, anyone?

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FDI failures

Ikea ContestThe government has lost the advantage it created for itself in retail , but with the market trading at value levels,

Walmart India associates arrive in Northwest A...
Image by Walmart Stores via Flickr

it might get one more opportunity with foreign investors in the near term, a minor window of opportunity in which it has to push the home field advantage with DTC, GST, Companyies Bill, and many more waiting to be fully executed weither federally or in law.

FDI in aviation, in retail and in Cable as identified are now critical to be cleared in quick time and the political pressures will anyway cost the ruling team some franchise share nationally. 100% single brand FDI by itself has Ikea and other takers esp with Reebok’s village plans and high end retailers cutting India out in favor of China sooner as China snows on luxury retailAs with the “golden chidiya” proposition of India a couple of centuries earlier, just that instead of plunder wwe can parcel the rights and sell toi the highest bidders now to get crucial capital flowing.

We have missed significant opportunities inInsurance FDI, new banks ( that need to watch for regulation changes till 2015) and infrastructure and retail where China has out smarted us and now runs a bigger and faster balance sheet

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Reliance losing in brand games and policy

Reliance’s gas pricing quandary continues with warehouse owner IGL retailing gas at up to $15 and Reliance following its earlier efforts at increasing its $4.2 supply rates to PSE Oil companies with a suit against the government asking it to pay more for the gas purportedly using the IGL model for itself even as a distribution supplier and not a retail distco like IGL or Petronet LNG

Reliance has failed on maost strategic fronts except in greenfield consumer and sports ventures like the Mumbai Indians team franchise , co branded cards etc where it has yet to begin or dowes not pull significant revenue compared to the Oil brand. Reliance has been almost synonymour with petrochemicals and oil enterprise int he country away from issues of subsidy and government benefaction for a decade or so, with Petro margins and oil and gas discoveries keeping markets happy,. Its last 2 years in the dust have been tough for Indian markets as a whole and there still might be a significant correlation thouhg not an over arching one between its and Brand India’s fortunes.

Reliance I would like to believe has frittered away the market’s dull times in continuing to expect largesse and

Mumbai Indians
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“sympathetic understanding” from public sources and markets. Its consumer brands are in no position to claim leadership and thus have no significant launches to their name. Its LTE venture is  working out a smashing deal at 10X the 3G industry’s competition and while ADA group has not done nay better either, it has at least delivered on time in long gestation projects which others would not even take up including the Power sector where delays and “non performance” are more understandable. Mukesh’s Reliance has not aggressively moved in infrastructure because it knew that investors would not empathise with the “long run” financing requirements of the sector but still, its alternative plans are almost in a state of a “null” ennui without response or favor it so much loves in its dinner plate.

There are no loyal investors left onthe Reliance bandwagon and they have to move fast before the M&M’s and the JP ‘s take over fromt hem with 1/10th the capitalisation and a much larger understanding of the current market and who it can be argued worked with almost the same handicaps and invested in unforgiving propositions

Also ADA’s failures in the financial services area could be a thing of the past soon when even they can look at aggressive growth again, leaving big brother with no work or profits on hand

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Foreign Banks in India: European Banks deleveraging in Asia

A key feature of transacting and building relationships with global banking brands in India is to note their reflexivity to pressures in Europe that gets limited to Sout East Asia and China and never impacts us in India. Most likely the current european banks deleveraging is also expected to go along the same lines.

While Middle East and Central Asia have long been given away to their culturally more akin regions in Africa for all Deals and management control globally in the Banking and Finance markets, even in Asia ex Middle East and Japan the two distinct splits of China and SE Asia  North Asia incl Taiwan, Hongkong and Korea and India and south Asia continue to move on distinctly independent lines. The banking business of HSBC and Stanchart for example , who are not deleveraging that frantically, business is in fact booming in China and remains dull in India in corporate and investment banking business. Those that are deleveraging however would be critically taking a call on Asia assets that total $560 bln of the $3 tln in lending assets of European

looking west towards UBS.
Image by clarkmaxwell via Flickr

banks. With Yuan business becoming dull and all not well on the home front those under fire would not be able to plan growth in China and may thus include India assets again in the Exit column

In China, FIEs have been bearing more than 50% of the trade and a significant chunk would work through Foreign banks from the volume of $1.67 tln. Foreign Banks exposure incl Off Balance sheet assets and Transaction Banking products is $1.6 Tln (BarCap)

While 40% of the deleveraging that banks need will be eked out of Risk optimization, changing risk weights of categories like manufacturing and even Geographic exposures and thus reducing RWA, the rest will be real deleveraging by selling down existing credit assets and reducing probability of considering new credit business in Asia. The required $300 bln in deleveraging, ostensibly over 5 years and more could come faster out of intractable portfolios in Asia if and when a choice arises for these European banks  as BNP , Credit Agricole and SocGen or those deleveraging or shutting down exposures in the market book like Credit Suisse Banks have started repatriating funds and cutting back on  loans

In the melee, it is unlikely that the 10% market share of the Foreign banks in India is hurt much though it is

Image by twicepix via Flickr

unlikely that they would readily incorporate RBI’s concerns about having grown off balance sheet or transaction exposures without committing to real lending in the country.

Banks such as CA and BNP may not like to continue in India with the limitations facing them and their own myopic concerns in committing to asset based growth even as ANZ that re-0entered India in 2006 and NAB and CBA continue with single branch existence in India to base growth in Corporate Investment Banking in the region without planning any roll outs for their retail franchise.

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
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As Wealth managers like UBS already have offshore business out of Singapore or sometimes Hongkong nad Dubai, they can well reduce their risks in India and go back without a loss to India and their own even as they pass up growth opportunities in a growing consumption economy.

The impasse over the impracticability of transferring extra licences from the RBS sale to HSBC who has made the purchase continues in a stalemate , banks noting they would abide by RBI’s direction

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India Auto report (Sales – November 2011)

English: DTC Buses in Delhi, India
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Maruti’s numbers have trickled in at 36,000 vehicles more than October. The 92k in sales were yet 18-5% down from the festive season report of last year.  The mood is sombre as markets find solace in car makers coming back with good numbers but it is obvious that  that’s not enough for India to power forward.

Hyundai’s India sales grew nearly 30% with over 22,000 exports and 35,000 units sold domestically. Domestic sales are up 10% At Maruti the sixth yearly sales decrease in November also showed change in preferences as diesel grew 22% and petrol(gasoline) models demand dropped 14%(WSJ)

Ford and GM seem to be stuck near the 10000 and 8500  cars a month number but this is Ford’s first year with 100k sales in the nation. BMW, Mercedes and Audi have been selling nearly 200 units a month getting deeper into India’s moneyed hinterland and export towns. VW Jetta and Passat also sold 499 units in the festive month

Hyundai’s Eon and older steed i10 both sell nearly the same as Ford and GM in a month with 7,500 units each. Its A3 sedans also sold 8,223 units (Verna and Accent)

Tata Motors did grow Nano sales 10 times over dismal 2010 figures to 6500 for November. It sold only 1000 Fiat units in total sales of nearly 29k domestically

M&M sales of 44,000 units included 17,500 units in passenger vehicles (and SUVs) Its new XUV500 is expected to brighten its chances further with its ventures in Korea stabilising and helping it leverage technology and lever its home grown stability in the global market and in india rebranding it from a home again Tata , desi variety spaghetti

Toyota has grown into a tough spot staying comfortably ahead of Ford and GM with sales of 14k cars for the month, trebling from last year November on launch of Etios and Liva during the period

Newcomers VW and Nissan grew astronomically too on a low base to 6,750 and 2,680 units respectively with new models and support for diesel giving them a distinct advantage in the Indian brands of Ford GM, Suzuki and Korean Hyundai. honda has reduced production for the month drastically as Thai floods disrupt parts production for its global auto plants

October sales in 4 wheelers were a paltry 138k units and 185 k including Utility vehicles. November seemingly has gone to 220k units with good growth at Toyota, VW and M&M

Two wheelers had a brilliant month and India reverted to reporting car and 2 wheeler sales together since October. Bajaj grew nearly 30% at 394,000 units for the month and Hero Moto corp had a more than 5% sequential growth at a high 537k units Its erstwhile partner, that still sells its trusted line of motor scooters, jumped to 200k units in sales in November into the 3rd spot

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Happy Thursdays! November buzzes everyone

English: A 2008 Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire VXi.
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November buzzes everyone, December is too cold

Sun comes out in the East, but the East is all sold!

All the talk of potential markets in retail and consumption, engendering domestic demand ( in China) and even the imminent collapse of Europe ( not just not happening, in danger of engendering imprudent fiscal expenditure by imprudent politicians, just back from the brink) everything’s come to a nought

US is also going to a nought score but after a $52 bln weekend in Non auto sales and another $36 bln in Auto sales for the month of November, it is rather to get on to a nought in all 2011 inventories by January 2012

India is headed to another ground zero right now, even as China starts betting on expansion without getting a jump in domestic demand. One wonders if stock market investors are correct in deriding Divestment thru buybacks and cross holdings mooted by the government arms, One further wonders if india’s aviation industry will ever get to use bankruptcy protection as a strategy as KFA finds another hole to plug, and one wonders if the yields falling to 8.75% being the end of the move in Fixed Income, if the rupee will ever come back to below 50 on the bat

India’s fiscal problems have batted on a high inflation wicket, with 9.39% in CPI in October and a 8% food inflation for the third week running for November 19, Pranab advertising a fall in the price of Onions by 40% and October Export growth and deficit stunted and expanded by OIL and rupee gyrations Non Food inflation is dead in the water ( includes fibers and oil seeds) at 2.5% but Fuel is still 15.5% and Primary Articles a 7.74% lower but by no means a low number

There are a lot of other statistics including M&M’s jump in November sale sto nearly 41k vehicles incl almost 18k passenger vehicles and Maruti’s falling behind the 100k in Sales despite there being no strike at its Haryana plants and they will all come in due course.

At Happy Thursdays suffice it to say that November was good to pass on for the results showing for any government or corporate but there have been good signs for growth, with Europe solved along expected lines, banks at an all time low globally and the Nifty 4950 a good time to go short on everything, always a better feeling once you decline to wait 10 years for the pay cheque.

China’s landing will not be hard at all, watch for the detailed analysis on, Airlines will not fade away   with US American Air taking a 18 month vacation to recuperate with new pricing and new supplier and cost agreements a good example of the new strategies discovered in this new millennium, the other – central bank pay cheques for every citizen.

Predilections: The exploding turkey

one rupee
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The market sentiment today after the Euro’s integration was exposed to the public as nothing but  a rear guard defense throughout the coming decade, was a perilous wait and watch for any buyers with the indices giving in to another one-sided move after 8 days of unguarded hostility, broken for a brief lull yesterday.  The market also sees everyone else as unwelcome intrusion, just that there are sellers in both equities and currency markets , not to forget bond markets who still like to see the government’s face on the other side before stopping the spree.

Whether in currency markets stemming the Yuan rise or the Rupee breakdown, most would look at the woeful example in Europe and stay away from intervention as nothing good comes out of it eventually. However, the sellers are very clear in their actions and verbal speak that their selling is not based on fundamentals and they do not think that matters. Hence, given our unlimited patience and the propensity of going bankrupt by going shopping for Rupee or Dollar at the wrong time, we would stay away till things settle down. and now, the nifty after breaking 4700 down, may just swing back tomorrow for 5 minutes before staying down till Europe realises how much it is left with after the margin calls and how much it has to print. Unless China gets a new breeds of FIIs. Though, none of the money that enters India typically leaves ( After profit booking, more is inside than it is outside in this entire 2011 spectacle)

Not to say that the markets can’t rise vertically after they do end the fall, but as the exploding turkey in the oven, it is hardly going to be championship fare when this selling gets over. The prognosis therefore is that the markets will stay dull enough and you can wait even more before you do start buying. And, right now shorting any of these would be committing hara-kiri, in equities or in currency As even newly converted India bull JP Morgan mentions, we are still overweight on cash.

Sector wise, no one who is overweight on Comms can be without skeletons to hide and I would not suggest going overweight on Comms or tech. Except that Airtel scrip, which has a lot more going for it too and a sthe only player with muscle,  in its main markets, it will turn out well. I hope my readers have been buying on fundamentals, as there are a few stars out there . Also, apart from the intermittent interest in consumer staples and healthcare, sectorally, the market does not get into a secular upswing till the best sector there is i.e. infrastructure and banking, get up and get going again

Just getting the morning coffee to work..

Rupee Impact: Expecting Indian IT growth to recover

Though the equations are well off as Domestic Indian It business does not contribute to Dollar income or exchange rate risk that is giving a lot of IT companies more profit, it is true that despite protestations of growth including the latest Gartner report professing a $79 bln business in India at 9% growth in 2012, there are considerably dull days ahead for Indian IT.

Accenture logo
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While the US offshoring market and even Europe has been near saturation and has gone into a policy twirl, the domestic business has slowed down to lessd than the expected $8 bln as policy making is held up on crucial issues like UID ( Accenture and Wipro among other bid for a $400mln piece of UID business, that may be over budget and is waiting on the bid , probably only to scratch it).

The situation with the UID business is by no means unique ads most public contracts , even more so (if possible) for public spending contracts outside India remain stymied in current economic environment, labor friendly policies being the only saving grace of any government trying to last its course

However non IT exports other than Garments are likely to be more profitable in Gems but more than that are likely to grow in volumes across otherwise restricted lists like rice, iron ore and more. Also the $71 bln business already in the door in India will stay and earn 4-5% more in profits over the year ( A quick calc by HMT CFO KV in he media today is on the mark at 40bps per 1% depreciation)  assuming the rupee at 22% depreciation over the year yields a minimum 10% extra in profit ( esp at companies that have not applied hedging to more than 1-2 month revenues..)

Reliance moving on from Oil and Gas?

Reliance Industries
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Also read previous art. on India’s energy woes

Mukesh Ambani is also rumored to pick  up a stake in kingfisher airlines which despite his protestations., seems mor e and more like his expression of disinterest in the core businesses of his flagship Reliance industries and his choice to go into more brand reliant businesses from the same flagships cash reserves

More FDI soup..

Adidas store in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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With bold and happy pronouncements on how FDI in retail is being considered as per plan to 51% in Multi Brand retail and 100% in single brand retail, one would think all is well. But the GOM approval is hardly the known factor in these last minute proclamations from persons close to the fire adnd should be observed and followed uop for their real strength if any. The FDI of 26% by Foreign airlines for example is already in a soup between 24% requersted by the Ministry of Finance and 26% that DIPP wants as it would promote at least a power to pass special resolutions accruing to the global airline investing. Not that that should be much of  afactor but it makes the paranoid Ministry’s position suspect in both cases as it regrets issues of control in FDI. both Retail FDI and Aviation are eagerly awaited to be approved in the next 2-3 days

On our part we back all circumspection to the hilt, the recent crisis underlining the fickleness of Foreign investors and their propensity to look for leverage and scamper away with the booty like the banks getting rid of global assets inspite of their profitability as they face a shortage of capital

Rupee Impact: ECB & FCCB, repayment due 2012/3

Indian rupee
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From a FC  article of two weeks vintage, it becomes clear that not all the $10 bln FCCB debt holders in India ( FC says $8.5 bln outstanding) including Power sector projects, Kingfisher and the others like GMR Infra will be lost when interest payments and outstanding debt eat into their profits as FCCB / ECB debt holders contemplate the sharp fall in the Rupee. From 52.4 right now  which is beyond the March 2009 lows, the rupee can probably not find a range till 55 with many caught  off guard by the pace at which rupee positions had to be liquidated in the market,. Lets hope SCB is also trading the new trend in profits since October 2011.

The 22% fall in the markets this year may see a further breach though the morning’s signs of trying the 4700 levels are encouraging for a falling only market trend. The ECB debt holders have already reported large 300-500 crore losses on their mark to market of Debt in the September quarter, but the silver lining is that players like Reliance Power have actually repaid $300 mln in October itself. The FCCB holders will be asking these companies to pay out on their ECB/FCCB in 2012 alongwith a host of other companies to the tune of $2 bln saving them the atrocities of the currency movement likely to continue in the future right now for the next 6 months given the surprise and the pace of the downward correction this month. Those at extreme risk are the corporates raising fresh “cheap” external debt in October to $2.36 bln incl. GSPC, Mundra Ports and IDFC.


FCCB vs ECB vs Rupee

The overall External Corporate Debt for Indian companies has grown to $30 bln in 2011 till date from just $10 bln last year in 2010 as per an ET report. Most of this addition is however on the short term side and many of the FCCBs which are 1/3 of the Dollar/Euro loan folio are due for conversion by 2012/201 when they will be called by lenders and if repaid as is likely in moist cases, they will not present a problem. The last crop of borrowers had a very different set  of objectives and the problem is unlikely to crop up again as not many envisage default or rollover and when given a chance will repay the loans to cut their losses as borrowing costs of 8-11% a full 200-300 basis points ahead of domestic costs get negated by he 15% adverrse movement in the exchange rate for the rupee (USDINR=X)

Some examples of smaller midcaps who issued high conversion price debt 5 years back like KSL, Sintex, Clearwater Capital for Kamat Hotels have been having much more limited success with resolving with either due repayment in May 2012 (KSL) or conversion approved by lender to 24.5% stake with promoter majority intact in Clearwater case and zenith and then Sintex expected to default after taking a 40 cr hit on earnings (INR 400 mln per GS analysis)


The problem is that 2 in 3 importers are not hedged on their position and likewise the small advantage is that IT companies unhedged on the Dollars earnings and Gems exporters who paid for their imports in Cash are going to add to cash profits to the extent of at least 10% of the 14% movement in the Rupee since July and veven more if the rupee tries to get to 55 quickly

The inflation impact of the rupee depreciation will be hard and fast with Oil holding steady , All in all an impact

This is a building shaped like a sphere, locat...
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of more than 20% of earnings for those unable to liquidate the external debt on their balance sheets. But new borrowings have been short term heavy in 2011 and those will be purged by 2012 with a 20% of debt position at risk of loss on the interim results / FY2012. Infy has also degraded earnings despite the uptick claimed mostly by unhedged Mid caps and HCL Tech is a big loser as well, with hedging strategies turning upside down and Treasuries sitting on the old ones.

Predilections: Read the Global tea leaves

The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. The photo s...
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3b. All said and done, shorting India stocks is easier and easier every day and those derivatives volumes are not going to fade away, Write a call today. If you want to buy commodities instead, buy the dollar instead, the others can’t last as China is still holding on to purchase orders it was suspected it would sign in metals, grains etc

3c. Did you know Europe has a trading surplus from all the import orders that have been canceled. Having decided inflation is not the way forward, most of the EA-17 will be tightening their belts like never before as Germany becomes the villain  that cannot buy them the luxury of food and drink for their next 20 years

10. India is in a vicious cycle of low reserves, targeted currency and high oil / energy and higher food / vegetables prices. and our supply side imbalances are being a targeted to tipple over and experience the “recession” that everywhere else gets talked about. China can just put it down with its surplus and state control on supply inflation is so “prejudiced” but ultimately closer to the truth than saying China does not matter ( like its military aggressiveness that is so glaringly obvious

EA 17: Those who have adopted the Euro

Predilections: The Organised Mindset of a bear

Diwali celebrations in Coventry, United Kingdo...
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Or, What you should be doing when the markets go dropping off that Pirate cliff:

1a. If you are thinking about buying gold, do rethink about that one as Gold has to wait for strong bearish pronouncements to move from here. However did you know that Central banks have bought 150 tonnes of the metal in one week and are still at 10% of the levels they held in the 90s when they sold and everyone else bought gold.

1b. As Central banks count as the most followed buyers right now, Gold’s meteoric rise in the last few weeks may restart Also India becomes a candidate for taking everything down right now as it gets into a tighter inflation high, currency weaker every day and deficit unsent kind of tougher twirls with a higher and higher downside, but then we would still do 7% growth so do not think of a a market below 4500 Nifty, really ( even if it breaks down to 4420 you can beasar with me, right!)

1c. Did you recheck your list of stocks to buy: All time lows everyday present great opportunities for investors out there to verify at leisure. You have at least 2 – 3 weeks to select, drop and re- select winners..

2. Watch that hollywood movie that gets released in India on time during market hours..You could not get a more predictable market direction with no trading bumps mid day since last to last Friday. Also Disney and ESPN are doing much better this decade than their worried little India doobies of a decade back, esp as Pizza and China surge

3. Reorganise India’s infrastructure priorities, find time to review M&M and Unilever (Despite a fundamental change in the fortunes of these two companies from directed strategy, they get good results and attention on a tough down day only, talk about predilections)

4. Teach other knowledgable friends – Who being optimistic on India esp during MSCI re organisation will be full of ‘know all stuff’ you can bear down on with gloating dripping from your eyes and mouth dfor weeks on end..(like the savoures you cooked for Diwali but did not last)

5. Figure out the Economic Indices: Wierd Inflation and IIP volatility, not to mention the staggering deficits not every month but every other month, the winning margins of a UPA government motion in parliament, the no. of public losses Anna is unable to bear and other ..Most of the economic ones we have dissected and detailed over the last three years here

5b. Count and read up the number of laws still required to be passed in Parliament to make reforms work for India, if only just Corporate India..GST, DTC, apart there are two years of laws to make new banks work, countless banking supervision concessions to be worked with to be international bank franchises including voting rights to be passed as clear as day, Capital controls on Forex vis a vis restructuring for a new indian currency instead of pegging to $1=100, are all end of the rainbow ideas that are not at stake either, the laws need a simple fresh Corporate law basis and has to be apart from all the changes to the M&A and competition code, Bilateral and multilateral agreements and treaties, and include Social Welfare, removal of fertilizer and oil subsidies and funding and execution of PPP projects such as the DMIC, (with NMP), new ports and unlimited gaps in education and healthcare not being considered for private participation and foreign participation to the extent required.

6. Tell everyone to “Take a virtual dive”: Right now is the best time to start on something you have never done before..In the AEs (RBI term for US and Europe – Advanced Economies, the latter have become candidates for REMs now – Re emerging Markets) they have even stopped asking people to start blogging, it’s so passe. You could take a dive into a shopping mall too, a good crowd as always

7. Ask people to figure out the probabilities of a recession in India: No one will put a blame at your door now that India is going to get tougher in the next2 years and who knows your chances of a recession in India may have just improved from 1 in a 1000 to 1 in a 100

8. Review your family’s eating and drinking habits: Especially those zombies and moose heads who are still stuck in your head and inner ear without turning you into a schizophrenic, trying to imagine themselves as a fund manager, not investing with you or paying you for your reports or research bothered with becoming a complete spectacle and proving themselves to be ones.

9. Pay attention to India’s Defence budget we are getting everything we need even if so late and even though China’s spin counts in the media we don’t

Happy Thursdays! Let’s forget inflation, aviation, consolidation and eternal damnation

And remember something else about being India. About being a nation of 1 billion cricket happy audience who were relieved that despite Marlon Samuels, Chanderpaul and the Bravo, we are still ahead 2-0 at home after having destroyed ourselves in T20 and in foreign tours of England

Also lets remember that Indian corporates own the Blackburn FC and I’d say even the Liverpool FC for all practical purposes despite no business for Stanchart in India after its stunted listing Also that Vijay Mallya’s sports teams are still the toast of quite the world looking at India.

Apart from that just that fuel inflation is now 15.5% for the week ended Nov 02, 2011 and food inflation is still over 11% and the Nifty tanked a 98 points despite the Primary Index going down from 11.43% last week to 10.4% to 204.7, Food Articles are at 199.8, Fuel at 171 (from 169)and Non Food articles at 175.9 still up after a dip in the food index from last week.

India remains a bastion of growth, cricket and Coca Cola 

I do not understand how India can practice any fiscal consolidation with Oil, fertiliser and food subsidies hitting it below the belt and crude at above 100, though the spread between WTI and Brent is down (in the US hemisphere, because of a new reverse pipeline from the WTI hub in the north to the Gulf of Mexico) and in here as the low cost transport channels via Singapore and some de-bottlenecking in the Americas below in the shipping routes (as far as I could get this)

The mood seems to be , even during the falling knives in the markets from 9 to 3:30, that I can see some with good value to hang on to, for the eternal sycophants there is HUL and Airtel scrips for the uncaring there is the dropping stock of Oil and mineral companies showing a lot of space on the way down, and for the IT friendly just a word of caution – there is no business there except for that from depreciation of the rupee and that is halted he(e)re at 50-51 for the quarter.

The banks are traders currency though, even at their best value in prices do not hold to positions very long and try and carry trades overnight though after judging wthether long or short helps..opening a position after 9:30  is going to

a. be in the other direction

b. lose your profit from the point it worked on today in market hours.

Happy investing!


India’s additional $5 bln FII limit should be exhausted by the end of this week itself, we need much more.  Also if you have been following my writings since 08-09, it is the time of the season when central banks are buying gold..if anything else is falling that one won’t and global trade will remain robust and on the up for US, China, Europe and India despite every other suffering knocking through..

Heavy Fuel

UB sold 31% of its Spirits/Beer operation to no. 4 Heineken and SAB Miller and InBev must be snooping around these small marketing havens(India/China) for growing the “footprint” of beer and fuel..Did I hear a nother offer on the table for KFA?

Growth in Coca Cola

Consumption stocks in the non-discretionary sector / food stables / FMCG non durables seem to be doing OK on sales though Dabur and Marico have fallen on the way. In particular praise and investments from Dominos, now one of many brands at Jubilant Foods, Coca Cola, investing $2 billion ( 20% of our defence allocation on the China Border across 5 years) and veen general insurance and healthcare businesses like Max India or fitness studios from Talwalkars

September the dull month for IIP (Corrected)

A photo of a match between Chennai SuperKings ...
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With credit picking up only in end September, the IIP figures for September trolled to an unimaginable 1.9% with consumer non durables reporting a -1.5% contraction(growth) from a 6% growth of last September and mining reported contraction of -5.5% The base effect and nature of bulk orders etc played truant with Capital Goods at -6.8% down over 1020 basis points from 3.8% growth in August.

Exports in October grew 36% only but will not limit bounce in IIP next month(October) Basic Goods grew at an expected 3.5% agst 4.5% in August while intermediate goods scored a low 1.5%. Consumer Goods grew 6% while Consumer Durables managed to grow at 8.7% though against a14% score in September 2010

MarkiT HSBC had reported a good tracon in the PMI figures at 5 with even Services PMI falling but staying above 50. The August IIP was 4.1% but observers had expected a jump in Utilities / even manufacturing numbers to a 4% IIP rate as per PMI indications and leading indicators tracked. Exports growth has slowed in October but remains a large $320 bln run rate to March while the trade deficit governed by the jump in Oil imports to a deficit of $19.9bln for the month

Infra output reported growth at 2.3%in the month September manufacturing PMI was India’s lowest at 50.3 PMI growth in October points to IIP recovering again in October with a good jump again in Capital goods..(no one likes the Capital goods series anymrore. one wonders if another redesign is planned)

India Earnings Season: More Enterprise without profit (Nov 10)

Vodafone metro
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Leading the news today is a cascade of TPO orders for Transfer pricing practitioners, as pricing becomes another bone of contention for Corporates struggling with slow orders and higher basic inputs in the quarter. Vodafone recd a draft order here thursday after it reported Sales of $3.3 bln from India operations. Vodafone had just declared its India operations profitable in March and is nowgaining from SMS termination charges and 66% increase in Data traffic / 25% increase in customer base this fiscal till September. Vodafone WW grew EBITDA but debt repayments landed it in a loss worldwide Indian EBITDA is $800mln (INR 42.55 bln) for the half year out of a global $15bln guidance on $65 bln sales runrate. india’s contribution to sales for the half year comes to nearly 10%. Costs would rise as Intra roaming on 3G are also looked askance by TRAI and 3G Licence loans come up for active repayment schedules


DLF reported sales of INR 23.8 bln or $470mln but failed to report growth in profit and sector inventories having risen others based in Mumbai instead of DLF Delhi / DLF Gurgaon may not even have that luxury of reporting any profits, still reporting healthier profits on sale of TDRS before prices went down The others are of course responding to the nation’s lawmakers and enforcers in a myriad web of encroachment on regulation

Mahindra Satyam

Reports a qoq growth in sales to INR 15.78 bln vs 14.4 bln in June and profits to an EBITDA (low) of 15.33% for INR 2.42 bln. PAT is up 5.7% over June to INR 2250 mln or $45mln

TCS did report good news for the sector with a new $2.2 bln Friends life contract for 5 mln + policies for 15 years  at London based Diligenta set up in 2005 after transfering business and staff from Pearl insurance.

JSW Energy / Voltas

JSW energy reported sales of INR 9.5 bln frm 11 bln lasty ear, Voltas reported sales up 37% to INR 11 bln or $220 mln but profits of 1.3 bln talking to a loss of 1.09 bln this quarter , a downtick changing hands at around INR2390 mln or $500 mln

GMR Infra

GMR Infra sales are up nearly 50% to INR 18.1 bln converting profits of INR 710 mln to losses of INR 650 mln, a downtick of $23.2 mln

Tata comm

The company reported loses of INR 1.65 bln against INR 2.1 bln last year in September on sales growth of less than 20% to INR 33 bln

India Earnings Season: A flurry of losses IOC, Ranbaxy

Graph showing Indian rupee and U.S. dollar exc...
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Ranbaxy’s brilliant $126 mln loss in Foreign exchange as it has not yet settled with FDA days before it starts its exclusivity period on Lipitor. The long term contracts , much like the State’s Oil contracts are going to cost India can be visibly seen this quarter. Even 75-100% hedging of receivables by Big Four IT like HCL Tech will be something to shed oil on, fueled by the others willing to run Double or Quits options on Rupee;’s appreciation again. The Rupee has already crossed 50 and with no state intervention and all trade flows mapped out to outflows, India is singularly vulnerable as runs on Europe wipe out investor capital and militarily active China remains a sad trade option at best

Indian Oil

IndianOil produced a giant $1.5 bln loss at INR 74.56 bln, bucked by State Oil procurement expenses of INR 957.88 bln for the quarter, a huge figure even when sales rose by 15% year on year as the subsidy bill becomes an alarming figure for ONGC, IOC and the state that has to decide how much it will be able to afford.


Spurred by the FX loss (pun intended) Ranbaxy reported a INR 4.65 bln or $93 mln loss for the quarter, wiping its slate clean of all evil capitalist trappings. The Japanese owned Pharma major has sales of almost a $95 mln in North America without its exclusivity prd sales from Lipitor-generic-X out of a total of INR 20.27 bln or $405.4mln. Europe is another 16.3% of Sales at $66mln or INR3.3 bln (Figures courtesy (mint)) Domestic sales grew slowly but remained a cool $103 mln in India


Comparatively, India’s slow and ugly Power sector continued to spur a large expansion and good NIMs in Power lending as PFC grew 24% to sales of INR31.45 bln even as profits were limited to INR4.19 bln or $84mln REC infact managed to keep NIMs stable while PFC has grown Income and old loans apparently may have been sloughing off than restructuring issues for its customers(lendees)


Sister company PTC meanwhile could not hold on to Sales reporting INR 23.69 bln in Sales and a lower INR 355.7 mln in profits, but the company has not done much from its year ago portfolio yet


The RPG owned Calcutta utility had trouble in profitability too much in lin e with industry as it still managed a profit of more than $22 mln or INR1.1 bln (25% lower than FY11 September 2010) as Sales grew marginally to INR 127 bln or $2.5bln


Opto is a great buy as it jumped profits on to INR 1.21 bln from 0.77bln last September with Sales of INR 5.56 bln a healthy margin and assured sales on contracted export deliveries till 2015 Sales grew 70% and Profits 56%. (A lot of help from for the figures)

Happy Thursdays! Inflation pulls ways and means advances

As Yes Bank signs on to a 600 bps savings bank deposit rate, and food inflation ticks down from 15 to 11%, the refusal of yields to predicate a proposition in the double digits forsooths that the RBI will stop around here if and when inflation trends down. It seems to me that more of the banking sectors participation is at work here in controlling the rise in interest rates. Incessant lobbying apart, the rising IIP and refusal of inflation to tick down below September’s 9.7% could very well still mean a systemic redefinition of interest rate basis in India like in So Africa.

Instead of defining new zeros in overnight and short term rates treasury liquidity like in the US and UK, the new BRICS entrant has simply defined a higher systemic basis by accepting highe3-5% inflation than the US and UK and EZ targets of 2% at the maximum

Some results from biggies Kotak and Dr reddy also make this New Year holiday in India a good segueway to great market speak on the festival of lights.

Kotak outscored by 20% for a new run rate of $800 mln for the 12 months while Dr Reddy returned to its earlier $2 bln run rate with 9.6 bln and 22.5 bln in revenues respectively. Kotak will be with the biggies in keeping SB interest rates down but market sees a lot of benefit for them in the new regime as PSUs are outpriced for the time being and tackle quality issues

Inflation in vegetables remains at 25% but we are in favor of good growth for the hinterland in MSP raises now 2800 for Chana and Masur and increase again in rice and wheat. Also Hamilton must give hope to Ferdnand also to come up in the ranks as the Buddh provides a chance to speed things up on the F1 circuit

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