And why did Amazon come by underground sea cable?

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Image via CrunchBase landed in India ahead of its First fulfilment center as its own internal business models are delightfully more complex than the country’s FDI,. sales tax and excise regulations. While packaging centers may get into excise inspector brouhaha with the Supreme Court adjudicating ( Freaky Friday Speculations)  adventurous Amazon executives may also be wary of getting subjected to multi Octroi, Sales tax and local taxes ahead of GST roll out in the country.

At least those are the typical silly stuff one avoids by starting a totally desi business in e commerce thence it can be sure of getting what Fabmall and now flipcart are getting in terms of taxes and accounting.

the testing of waters with is however more likely to backfire till it comes with its full range of shipping made available at a safe and reliable Indian customers a re a ticklish lot and though they suspect nothing in government and business is above board they by and large do not expect to partake of that in their daily lives. We did not welcome the Apple stores till the latest iMacs and iPhones (iPods) were available simultaneously and we will not let Amazon get by on ebay like

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FDI wise , trying to escape a multi brand regulation framework is going ot be impossible for amazon and waiting for til 100% FDI is allowed would be one option that India phobes have shown favor for but likely that will only lose them more business in the World’s #2 English speaking Consumer market. The loss is all yours as Chindia trundles along. itself came and left back in 1996 and now will feature 12 million products from 14000 brands to keep the portal available, but consumers are likely to wait till Amazon can get a clear decision, esp if it can introduce Prime here, international shipping is a bore and a real swindle on a retail shopper’s budget as Jeff Bezos would understand

Amazon gets nearer to India post?

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After Amazon opened in Spain last year and a rumor of Lipkart getting into the supply business for Amazon hit the circuits last, the talk of their first local fulfilment center show that while the talk of interested shoppers with Amazon was a fact unsubstantiated by country sales break down, the wishes for a local Amazon store may no longer be lost in getting their IT software to recruit here in as It happened one night in 2006

This warehouse is a critical piec eof the Amazon logistics chain promising delivery from US to far flung international destinations in as less as a week and probably includes ready shipping plans that can be tied

Screw Amazon.cominto Amazon Prime sooner than later. If it really turns into an independent India based website with Indian product ranges and a couple of expat managers, it could be that much bigger for Amazon and a bite back for Apple which has horrendously latched on to super premium pricing for its hot iPad and iPhone lines in the country

The value of social media in tweets

Facebook at 77 million visitors, Amazon 64 m, Craigslist at 47 m, WordPress at 26m and Twitter at 20m compared to Goog at 157m in June09
– about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

So $AMZN makes $1.75 bn per month from 64 million visitors
– 5 minutes ago from TweetDeck (11:40 am ET)

That is more than $27 from every single visitor! $AMZN
– 3 minutes ago from TweetDeck

If Twitter made 10% of that they would have sales of $54million to start with ( based on June comscore)
– 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck

China’s new loans may surge to a record 11 trillion renminbi ($1.6 trillion) this year as the government refrains from tightening lending rules to protect economic growth
– just now from Tweetdeck

Goldman /Blankfein paid a 23% return on the govt’s TARP investment, paying $1.1 billion for the warrants
– half a minute ago from TweetDeck

Also Buffet sold a third of his stake in Moody’s
– just now from Tweetdeck

China’s state construction giant raised a $7.3 billion in IPO
– 4 minutes ago from TweetDeck

(Green Shoots?) Both American Express (AXP) and Capitol One (COF) reported earnings that were quite weak (seekingalpha dot com)
– 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck

$CIT looks in line to become smaller, selling its comml business and most likely losing its aviation lending and rail finance biz profitably
– half a minute ago from TweetDeck

BTW, we continue to be short on both $AXP and $COF and bullish on the market ( same as before act. results came out @zyakaira
– half a minute ago from TweetDeck

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