Amazon gets nearer to India post?

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After Amazon opened in Spain last year and a rumor of Lipkart getting into the supply business for Amazon hit the circuits last, the talk of their first local fulfilment center show that while the talk of interested shoppers with Amazon was a fact unsubstantiated by country sales break down, the wishes for a local Amazon store may no longer be lost in getting their IT software to recruit here in as It happened one night in 2006

This warehouse is a critical piec eof the Amazon logistics chain promising delivery from US to far flung international destinations in as less as a week and probably includes ready shipping plans that can be tied

Screw Amazon.cominto Amazon Prime sooner than later. If it really turns into an independent India based website with Indian product ranges and a couple of expat managers, it could be that much bigger for Amazon and a bite back for Apple which has horrendously latched on to super premium pricing for its hot iPad and iPhone lines in the country

No Welcome for “Global investing” from India

A good reason why everyone is more bearish on India as is evident is state interactions but more so in

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deeper discussions and transations in global markets, is that India did not support any of the global sentiments in the last 4 years. While Global FII stance was a little “dumb” in their understanding of a different culture, they did not get any returns on their efforts for which they could come back with a bigger wallet. Indian institutions were hardly material in their global concerns and while this made India a haven, it did not improve any currency flows from and to the nation’s markets

Currency and stock and bond asset trades on the long side, could not even engender a higher allocation for India in global Asia funds as the secular growth promise was not backed up with vcolumes of business. On the global trade, India investors were hardly visible globally and even domestically their volumes spoke of their own limitations in domestic and international markets with the rupee losing its sheen as the last backers turned away three months back after the lack of interest glowed in the dark.

China on the other hand has put trillions in the global market in the last few months, Brazil has exposed itself by trying to invest its savings in the European crisis. We need not be Brazil definitely, but we will not be able to put up a solitary “this is not going to work stance” on the global bankers next time. Global Bankers , having been caught with incomplete logic and unable to fidnd a schmoo in Asia have been withdrawing to their shells as they figure out their next move, but that also means that india has to jump a negative dissociation into playing a significant part as the next upmove centerd around Asia, still needs those global funds of choice, who in turn need to know that their undestanding is better than “the rest”

We have to design a market set,, not just conditions favorable to them, but distinctly designed trades that give them leverage on their trade and that they design for their institutional and private/corporate clients

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