Patni-Mahindra-Softbank axis of India ICT revival

ICT RIP (Photo credit: Terry Freedman)

As the HCL Tech CEO (Vineet Nayar) mentioned elsewhere in today’s media round ups, people are living in the past in response to a request for comment on the state of Indian IT..the era of app dev will not be back , cloud and mobile don’t look like revenue revolutions, the last one surely a paraphrasing forced on me by being in payless social media’s top of the world look at brands and the weather in politics, economics and much more

However, down to the brass tacks, that does not mean, and everyone at HCL knows, that any HCLT endeavour has an iota better chance the the Patney’s and the iGates, the M&M’s and the Satyam’s of the Indian ICT or the mind T and minds’ i’s conglomerates of also ran in the industry as mid cap. Hexaware was the original mid cap and it is in more Fortune 100 accounts with consulting fellas across the hall than Vineet probably cares for..It ain’t gonna happen. So my two bits of advice for the rest of the ever failing to try middle management at India’s banking and ICT management..stop not trying and quit that useless job. Esp if you are planning to join the “visonaries” at indian arms of McKensie, BCG and the Sofbank venture capital balls in the court of Patni and Mahindras for $50 in ICT investment globally.

Hand it over to Lakshmi Narayana and Francisco D souza. And there’s never going to be anyone to do your work for you anymore, and like you did in government school 20 years ago, you’ll just pick up the microphone and MC it..

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