Happy Thursdays! Billions decimated in last second discovery of skunks

  In a thoroughly disgraceful show by the markets, the markets took apart the indices near their bottom on a selected PSU bank throw down strategy after having clearly identified all the winners having established a bull market and trying to be instead suddenly seen saying but I don’t understand this index, the index being

Morning Trading Strategies – India July 20, 2012

    Shock and Awe, what can one say. Markets opened deceptively lower and start from bottom of range on Friday. I think you can pick up a few Calls on the nifty and maybe not the banknifty but then banknifty is the stongest player in the series and next MARUTI has picked up ,

The :LATE :LATE MIDCAP REPORT: Where promoters wreak havoc, is there a reason to formalise insider networks?

Indian promoters as Anil says so often on CNBC India (On Menaka’s The Firm)┬ápromoters control so much of Capital that trading in the so called Mid Cap segments here the Daily Volume is in a few thousands is an exercise in futility as the promoters manage in a bid to secure their Rupee funded investment

No not yet Trading Strategies – India July 05, 2012

Late Morning Trading strategies (DID you buy your ITC yet?) As the title suggests most of the activity is in the silent bond and currency markets with Indian bond rebound and unrelated yet unlikely dollar rebound sees hectic activity as accumulation continues n the suggested consolidation, the market having not seen any exits and the

India Bond Impact(Fixed Income report): No Please don’t cut rates, RBI

Bond yields have cut to less than 8.2% on the 2021 and 2022 10 year bonds and less than 8.5% on the 2032 20 year bond while markets are in a tizzy running commentary on RBI cutting rates ahead of the policy announcement tomorrow. However the bond markets per se have a lot of mature